Pack vs 49erz

  1. Can the officials give the Pack enough assistance to make this a game?

  2. Can you remember when our guys used to hit as hard as SF is, right now?

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I have a man-crush on the 49ers this year. Every aspect of their game screams “will win in January.”


Rodgers has 39 yards passing. 61.5 QBR

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Their guys have that heir of confidence that we carried up to the Packer debacle. Culture of violence and aggression, coupled with depth and talent. Seem like a young team that is gaining momentum too.

I don’t have faith in their QB, but he’s surrounded by enough talent that he may just need to be a decent game manager.

The rumor is that Erin was out late in the Castro last night.

Driskel > Erin

at baseball for sure

Yea, he’s still scraping shit off his…


LOL, the Aaron Rodgers Rules, once again.

Need a first down? We got you, Aaron.

Touchdown Refs!!!

what do you know, another ref-asisted TD for GB. Guess its time for them to stop sitting on their hands and get those flags flying.

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What happened?

Refs again!!!

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So how many failed 3rd conversions have the refs thrown a flag on to help the packers in this game?

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It’s the mid to late 90s all over again. The league is cyclical unless it involves the Browns or Lions.

I wonder why that is … :thinking:


The 49D line were so quick getting into GB’s backfield. We need some quick twitch guys next year. They destroyed GB.

uh no all we need is a bunch of elite corners. no pressure. I figure it’s what we’re doing, it a time of possession defense. Make their offense burn clock by having 10 seconds to throw each down.

And make them use really really long sustained drives and then magically we’ll stop them in the red zone.

Do you wanna do it the same way they built it? Because people are going to hate the process, I guarantee you that.

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