Packers DT Mike Daniels signs w Lions. A Shawn AWOL? Causation or correlation?

Daniels have anything left? Made the ProBowl before

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Squeeze him for info. A’Shawn out for personal reason, could be just coincidence.


Prowbowler in 2017, but injured last season.

If this dude and A’shawn are both healthy.–>Trade a DL for a starting RG?

Our D is gonna be sick, either way!

  1. A’Shawn is not AWOL, he was given permission to attend a personal matter.

  2. BUT - I wonder if he’s totally on-board with the Patricia system of hard training and discipline, running and all that. Not saying he is or isn’t, but I wonder if he’s made it known he’s going to hit the FA market next year for the top dollar he can get.

  3. In which case, it’s possible the Lions will trade him at some point like they did with Tate for a draft pick.

  4. Is there a better Run D in the NFL, now that MD is here?


I’d love to keep A’Shawn on board. Daniels is a great addition either way. The Lions don’t need any individual tackle to stay out there for 75% of the snaps. Keep rotating them so they can go all out every time.


Don’t know about A’Shawn’s future here in Detroit, but in the span of about 72 hours, we went from kicking the tires on RJF, to signing Danials… I understand the timing of Danial’s release and all, but…hmmm