Packers interview Jim Caldwell for head-coaching position, per report

Do you think they are seriously considering Caldwell?

Rodgers needs somebody to bully and Caldwell has about the same amount of passion and moxie as a mouse.

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Caldwell if nothing else was a coach players wanted to play for

He wasn’t the best game manager. Though I think some of those mistakes were unfairly put under a microscope

His teams never quit on him


His team did quit until Martha grabbed a hold of all of their nads. They quiton him early and often before that.

Well that would explain all those late game comebacks :roll_eyes:

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Explain the 1-7 start and the debacle in London. I’m waiting.

Ended with winning 6 of the last eight games to nearly make the playoffs. Hence the not quitting part. Generally first comes adversity - then comes the quit part or not.


Still waiting…that 6-2 finish had everything to do with Martha Ford and had absolutely nothing to do with Jim Caldwell. Nope, they quit on him. Martha put the fear of God in them. Ji Caldwell just plain sucks. CJ wuit on him, Levy quit on him, Suh left him. They were quitting all around him.

I’d love to see video of Martha’s rousing locker room speeches

CJ quit because Staffords fastballs were mangling his hands. Suh was chasing the money and Levy got hurt and became a brain injury activist. Caldwell never lost the team. By all accounts he is a players coach and players liked playing for him

He may well “suck” but never as bad as Patricia this year. And he is the winningest lions coach in the super bowl era

Did you really just blame Stafford for CJ retiring? Now I’ve heard it all :man_facepalming:



Pics CJ tweeted after he retired - His finger wreckage was a main reason he walked away. Stafford isn’t quite known for his touch. Every throw is a missile

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Nice try on the 2nd pic, that’s Peanut Tillman’s hand.

“I didn’t see the chance for them to win a Super Bowl at the time, and for the work I was putting in, it wasn’t worth my time to keep on beating my head against the wall and not going anywhere” Straight from CJ’s mouth. He retired bc we sucked and his body was breaking down.

Whoops, I nicked them both from an article about CJs fingers. I didn’t notice that second one wasn’t him. Good catch (no pun intended)

Obviously he had other injuries but playing with broken fingers didn’t help. It was interesting that he said there was no chance of winning a super bowl with the Lions and Stafford but wanted to be released so he could play with Carr in Oakland. Haha

My hands look worse, playing NT, OT, basketball forward, wrestling and baseball catcher, your body especially your hands, get wrecked my fingers face in three different directions. A thrown bat did most of the damage but foul ticks, helmets, facemasks, jammed fingers from basketballs all had a hand in the disfigurement. Maybe if I cry about it I can retire with tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Poor entitled athlete, boo hoo.

Just noticed this article on my feed with former Lions players who loved playing for Caldwell but are critical of Quinn and Patricia

I think this is more at the feet of Quinn. For all of those resources to go to the OL and not fix it really reflects poorly on him. Wagner i’m Okay with I guess but Lang was a terrible decision. The Ebron decision was a horrible one but that probably unfair revisionism. For all the talk about building depth skill positions players have been neglected.

I think Patricia is still learning on the job. It’s definitely possible that we are seeing the Peter principal play itself out. Though I do believe he’s a fantastic defensive mind so if we can just get the O back to Caldwell/Cooter era levels we should be a problem to deal with.