Packers UDFA RB's

Well, we screwed the pooch in our attempt. The Packers got the leading rusher from the Pac 12, B.J. Baylor AND Tyler Goodson from IOWA.

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And neither one would move the needle much

Good for them. They’re going to need all the running backs they can get once Rodgers retires and love takes over. :rofl::+1:

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But Bell would?

Absolutely not. I’d rather have Goodson than Bell but neither one really gets my blood pumping.

The point is why was Bell even here to begin with?

Wanna guess Bell’s RAS?

I don’t know. I’m perfectly familiar with Bell from his Nebraska days and know quite well that he’s a JAG.

If I could have had any UDFA RB I would have chosen Abram Smith bc with his LB background he’s likely a good STs option. I think he could likely help as an ST guy and perhaps short yardage option if something were to happen to Jamaal.

still can’t believe he didn’t get drafted.

The Steelers… in particular… were a team that has a few JAGs at backup RB… and they picked a QB in round 7 with zero chance of making the team…. unless they trade Rudolph I gues.

But, can they block Hutch and Pascal?

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Good choice, again, not sure why we decided on Bell.

Bell only played in 4 games at Nebraska.

Not much of a sample size.

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