Panthers trade up into 1st round of latest mock draft with Lions

Hard pass. 4th rounder isn’t enough to trade out of the 1st.

I’d look for more value. Maybe our 1st and 2nd for their pair of 2nd’s (33 & 39).

Most of the trades from the bottom of the 1st to the top of the 2nd have been for an early 4th round pick over the last 20 years or so. It’s very common trade compensation.


IMO, Higgins is a very solid WR, but not elite. I’d put him in a similar tier with Michael Pittman. Neither is a top 15 WR, but both are top 30 WRs, maybe top 25.

What is the value for that in a trade when you know they will need a massive extension? Teams only give up big draft hauls if you are a young superstar.

I doubt anyone gives up more than a 3rd for Higgins, and at that cost the Bengals may be better keeping him and hoping for a comp pick.

That is definitely an option, but I think we may have to sweeten the pot if thats what we wanted. Maybe throw in the 4th we got for Swift in 2025.

I personally favor the idea of getting more picks. We have a lot of areas where we need better depth, so the more dart throws for Holmes, the better.

I like the idea of Brad watching what happens the first two days, getting some good rest, and waking up with the ability to pick whoever he wants out of “the rest”. So I would without question do this.

To me it would depend on who was on the board at 29. I’m a firm believer in Brad Holmes, I think he has the guy he wants in the 1st round, I think it’s a CB, and I think he’s going to trade up to get him.

Why I went Troy Franklin in our Den Mock Draft tbh

Def some flaws, but his route running and Speed, plus back at his playing weight is a huge plus with Diontae on the Field in the slot aswell

add something like Sinott, and Bryce has solid weapons, plus a solid Oline

Thinking about this from a fan perspective is interesting. The streets of Detroit will be lined with fans who then do not get to see the Lions make a pick on night 1 of the draft. On the flip side, this would give the Lions the first pick of the day for both day 2 AND day 3 if we did this deal. That allows us to potentially take extra time, bid teams against each other, and possibly move back again. Getting an extra day on the clock two times is a valuable part of this deal as well.


There are worse scenarios to be in. I would drop four slots IF my targets were not there or IF there were four targets left. But this has everything to do with how the board falls.