*** PANTHERS vs LIONS Game Day Thread ***

Keep it here! What happens if we win, besides losing draft positioning?

Is anyone else watching this? I have already decided what I’m going to do with my afternoon once the score gets out of hand.

Getting carved up so far

Well after getting them to third down and five they are marching easily.

Teez is so slow and bad.

Our slot coverage is pathetic

90 yard drive.

That looked too easy

Correction, 90 yard touchdown drive.

Our coverage bites hard at the slightest bit of misdirection leaving people absurdly open

Was there ever a doubt?

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I have McCaffrey in fantasy, and at this point I’m not even conflicted about it.

Lions are just used to playing outdoors. They’ll shake it off and adjust. Don’t worry about it.

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That’s just savage.

At least the Blue Bombers are playing in the Western final this afternoon and I can watch a decent football team.

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Lol wow. We are going to be in for a long day.

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Teams must be so excited the week they get to play the Lions. Its like getting a second bye week.

Luke Willson with the best TE play we’ve had in weeks.

23rd ranked offense. What a huge step backwards.

What the shit was that? Golladay didn’t run a route?