Part 2: Beat Buffalo and all bets are off

Ok, they did it.

What’s it mean? Well it means we’re 4-6, with a short week and facing a tough Bills team.

But a suddenly beatable Bills team.

Momentum does something for teams. Like taking the points instead of going for it on fourth down in the first quarter. Who cares what the nerds say. They’re nerds. They have no real life experience.

Taking a lead, any lead, on the road against a team that was supposed to throttle you does something that Excel can’t capture. So maybe Dan is starting to get it.

Winning 3 in a row does even more for momentum.

There were A LOT of questions about the Giants going in. Many thought their record was a mirage. We’ll find out by week 17 if that’s true. They were without half their offensive line, and lost their No. 1 receiver in the fourth. Still, if Dan Miller is to be believed, the Lions just outworked them.

Our offensive line took their vaunted defensive line to the woodshed.

If Detroit beats Buffalo, we need to start taking playoff talk seriously.

Improbable? Too much Honolulu blue kool aid? Probably.

In 1995, the Lions were 3-6. Everyone wanted Wayne Fontes fired. Then they won a game and went 4-6.

Then another. 5-6.
Then another. 6-6.
Three wins later, 9-6 and frontpage of Sports Illustrated.

“Pride of the Lions: Barry Sanders leads resurgent Detroit.”

Never mind how it ended. But it happened.




Perfectly said!

And we are led by Frank the Tank!

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You’re right Nate momentum does something to a team. They start believing they can win and they’re young who knows what can happen. I do know watching the game today with the same people I have been the last 25 years we all agree winning is fun! It would be nice to finally play meaningful games in December and be in the playoff hunt. Beanz be damned we got The Rams pick for top 5. This Kool-Aid tastes good


The lions absolutely outworked them today. They shut down Barkley. They had a good pass rush. And above all, we scored from 1-3 yards out, TD every time, when everyone in the world knew we were going to run it with JWill. And they still scored, on the first try.

The last few weeks, something has changed. They are playing with some attitude, some swagger, and while not perfect, they are coming together as a team very nicely.

I had counted them out before Halloween. And now here we are and it’s thanksgiving and we are in it! That is amazing and I am so happy we are where we are.

I still don’t expect us to beat the Bills, but now who knows? And even if we don’t, we have winnable games later and easily can be a 7-9 win team. This game to me was the crux game - you won a second consecutive game on the road and got up to 4-6 and now you’re in the same boat as half the league. Win the games you should win, and steal a game or two you shouldn’t. We just stole a game today I think. We beat a 7-2 team, handily. Like no questions asked at the end of the first half we had this. And they did not let down.

Could it have been better? Of course. But did we still beat the living shit out of them and punch them in the face and make a terrible experience for every giants fan there thinking “oh it’s just the lions…” we certainly did.

Coaching staff called a good game and the players did well in not ideal conditions.

Dare I say we showed some motherfucking GRIT today!!!


If we come in Thursday and pull of a W against a tough contender team like Buffalo I’ll start talking playoffs!

It’s a big ask, but if they beat the Bills then the expectations for most us about this team needs to change. Excluding Yote, Big Natty,Lionsfan, and a few others.

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Yeah, yeah. Cry me a river.
That’s been the story of our whole season. Goff got it done today with St. Brown, Raymond, Kennedy, and Brock!
I find that impressive. 4 of our top 5 receivers out, and finding a way to win.


If they beat Buffalo I think they’ve got a damn good shot at a wild card.


I said it in a previous post, Lions beat Bills and they make playoffs.

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Don’t change your expectation. Change your focus and appreciation. Enjoy the moment.


Yep, ■■■■ that shit ■■■■■■■ and ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ that ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and that ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ shit ■■■■ and ■■■■

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I know I know, just trying to temper expectations.

If I told you three weeks ago I’d be leaning into a playoff appearance for these Lions, you woulda gone catatonic, so take the win.


Despite being 7-3 the Giants are only +1 in scoring differential. They have the Cowboys, the Eagles twice, the Commanders twice, the Vikings and the Colts. I think a collapse is pretty likely.


I think we gotta check our enthusiasm a bit.
Buffalo may only be 6-4, but they’re the best team we’ll have faced so far this season, bar none. (that includes Dallas, Philly and Minny. They could play Minny 4 more times and beat them all 4.)

Now THIS would be a statement game. You beat Buffalo in Detroit on Turkey Day for the whole country to see? Yeah, that will go a long way toward changing our image in the national market.


It’s something more. The leaders of the resurgence are the players we all hoped would lead it. St brown, Hutchinson, McNeil, okudah,and Joseph have all elevated their game. Backed up by others like Rodriguez, Wright, jacobs and paschal. The offensive line has led the way on offense all year despite so many injuries. Now we may be getting reinforcements in okudah and jamo. Solid veterans like Elliot, Williams and Goff have played their role and made timely plays as well. This team is starting to believe and that shows up on the field. A gloomy season has suddenly become much brighter no matter how many wins we get from here on out. We’re starting to really see the foundation of a good team forming right before our eyes.


So well said. I’m out of likes but yes 100% this. You nailed everything on the head and exactly how I feel about this team.

The guys we hoped would come around are coming around… the leaders are being leaders and producing…

I won’t repeat everything you said but agree completely. Nice post

And above all we are starting to see the true foundation of the team!


Marty M took the win.

They just showed the AFC playoff picture on CBS, I didn’t realize the Bills are in the WC spot and not leading their division
That team at 6-4 has their backs to the wall, I am betting they will NOT overlook our Lions.
So if we do win this game it sure won’t be because it’s a down game for the Bills


@LineBusy I don’t know about checking our enthusiasm. We don’t check our frustration when we lose.

And moments like these are all we have as a lions fans. When it will inevitably come down crashing and the draft is our Super Bowl. Can’t we enjoy this moment when we can possibly have both?

I say enjoy the Kool aid and dream big tonight. Realism can wait until tomorrow.