Part of Jamo's Problem is Jared Goff!

Neither Gibbs or Jamo in particular is close to their peak. LaPorta probably has another level as well. We can get DJP acclimated and he can become a useful piece. If we have a healthy bunch our offense is going to be a load end of year. Especially playing indoors.


Not trying to make an argument….

but will also point out that deep shots aren’t high percentage throws.

When Jamo didn’t catch a deep ball in the Ravens game, people were freaking out about Jamo not catching a ball that was underthrown. It happens.


He also should have draw a flag from Johnson on that other deep ball if they applied the rules to us the same way they were applying them to the Bears.


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Happy to help.

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I believe it’s a little like Gibbs it is taken the staff a bit to figure out how to use Jamo. He made 2 nice catches today. I think he will just keep getting better with more opportunities.


Even if Jamo drops them?

Jamo starting to improve. I think most of us can see it.

He’s had 5 TDs now in 12 career games. Yes 2 were called back for penalties. But you can see the skill and speed he has.

I reemphasize 12 games he’s played. He’s still a rookie.

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The consensus from his teammates seems to be he needs more reps.

He is getting them.

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This, players who specialize in deep shots, is a reason teams shouldn’t target them.

yes. This is the whole point of my thread. There appears to be some adjustment from the staff, Goff, and Jameson. The staff need to call the right plays. Goff needs to throw better balls to Jameson; Jamo must give Goff a reason to not target St. Brown so much. Hopefully, this all gets better faster. Hopefully, the addition of DPJ lights a fire under Jameson’s butt to get better faster.

that deserved a lot more likes



But he’s getting better.

Yeah, Goff threw it to his outside and Jamo was looking inside. I’m guessing Jamo was on the wrong page, but maybe not :person_shrugging:. Considering what was going on earlier. LaPorta ran inside near the line of scrimmage, and Goffs throws it out in the flat?