Pat Caputo discussion: will Stafford be extended?

I say he absolutely WILL.

That’s not my wish; I’m just going on HOW the Ford’s operate…

I’d like to see Stafford sign with a team that can get him a Super Bowl ring; he deserves to play for franchise that has true potential to win a Championship.

But of course, the Fords will stay course.

What say ye?

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For better or for worse he’s the face of the franchise. He will probably get extended. One thing to think about: The economy, and Ford included, is about to be in really deep trouble. If Ford doesn’t stay afloat then all bets are off, anything could happen with this franchise.

Stafford will be extended , you don’t refrain from paying your best player.

I say absolutely do not think about extending him until his contract is fully played out.

He still has three years left on his contract right?
A lot can happen within those three years and he will be 35 at the end of his contract.

With that said it would be a Lions move to extend him after this year.


Not until he can play 16 games. I’m glad he’s our QB. I think he’s healthy, but handing him even more guaranteed money right now would not be a good business decision. The caveat is that the price for franchise QBs is going through the roof and so you’re placing a bet, either way. I don’t see any rush in this.

Viewing how this team works based on what the Fords will do as opposed to what they should do is the only way to stay sane as a fan. Golf clap and Bravo.


In 2022 he will be cheap to move in a trade. He’s 32. If we don’t use a hi pick on a QB next season then I would say retain him. You can’t afford to work a rookie in or you’re back in rebuild hell. If you plan on a replacement whoever it is needs a season to sit. What’s he worth in a trade? Time will tell.

THIS…is my point; see this, as the Fords historically have.

They NEVER allow their offensive superstars stars to play out a contract.

Sanders and Megatron did. Not sure who else I would call a “superstar”.

No, they didn’t, they were never franchised or free to pursue a contract with another team. Sanders held out and CJ was extended before his contract was expired. Not surprised you got facts wrong, it’s a regular thing with you.


Easy boys… that statement is an easy one to misinterpret. I did at first, myself.

“Not play out a contract” = meaning they lock them up before the contract expires.

At first blush, “not play out a contract” might put you in mind of being released, as to suggest that Detroit would be willing to let their guys go when they’re nearing the end.

No sense in clubbing anyone over that bit of confusion.


They left with contracts in tact, meaning that it wasn’t the Lions who traded them or wouldn’t pay them, it was their decision. How can they possibly be called out for not “allowing” them to play out their contracts? Now, who are the rest of the “superstars” that they have not allowed to play out a contract?

Right. You have to read what he is saying a little differently.

“not playing out a contract” is another way of saying that the Lions will re-up their stars with 1 or 2 years remaining, not allowing the present contract to expire.

Two notable exceptions were Avril and Suh. In Avril’s case he was going for his prime FA contract and was over-valuing himself here. In Suh’s case, he was bound and determined to get to FA. Had Suh been willing, Mayhew would have had him locked up the year before. Had Avril been willing, he also would have been locked up, for even more than he got from Seattle.

Point is, they didn’t intend to let any of them “play out their contracts”. They intended to keep them under contract, re-upping them while a contract was still in place.

You are right, but Suh and Avril have nothing to do with the conversation. Dale was talking EXCLUSIVELY about offensive players, go back and read his post.

Because going from 36-28 and having back to back 9 win seasons before the Lions fired their coach to 9-22-1 in the last 2 years isn’t a rebuild? You can’t really get much worse than winning 3 games in a season.
I’m not saying it’s all his fault, but it just didn’t work out here. He’s been a stand up player and a good face of the franchise, but eleven years and no playoff wins or division titles just is tough to swallow. I can’t think of another QB that has played that long with the same franchise that has not won a playoff game. It’s time to let him move on after his contract is over if things stay the same. If the Lions can find a quality QB in the draft and partner him with a competent head coach, then they will have the guy on a rookie deal so the can spend money on other positions.

There really is no reason to extend him until the last year of his contract if that is what they wish to do. Hopefully there will be a new GM, HC, and owner by that time. There is no advantage to extend him right now. An extension is going to consist of a lot of guaranteed money and he has back injuries. That’s just a big red flag on extending him at the moment.

I really don’t think you understood my point at all. I mentioned that IF we were to move him then we should use a hi pick next year while Stafford is still here, it’s way better than trial by fire. We still have him under contract in 2022 and can move him, If Stafford get’s injured then it’s next man up. I have no problem not extending him, but having him here for the transition to whoever comes next is a big deal. GB has AR and did just that, and they did it because it’s smart. I personally don’t believe that this season will happen. I hope it does, we have some really decent talent on the team that doesn’t really show because of really crappy coaching. I don’t think we were as bad as our record, but I absolutely believe we were as bad as our coaching. Still not convinced that we can over come that.

right, not in a super big rush to extend Stafford , however i think it will happen.

I’m weird with my hope and expectations for the Lions And our QB.

  • I want to keep him. Healthy of course. I want him to win the SB here for the fans, the team and he deserves one. And I currently trust MP and BQ…

  • I want Matt to extend and play his whole career as a Lion. I would also love to see him transition from our starter to a mentor and backup to his hire replacement will be…

I’d love it!

Well, as far as offensive superstars go, who is there other than Sims, Moore, Sanders and CJ? Did any of them play out a contract? They all retired Lion’s.

The last 2 years Matthew has missed games due to a back injury. I think the Lions oughta make sure he can still stand up to wear and tear of a full NFL season, which might not happen in 2020. And he may very well decide to hang 'em up early if the back issue persists and he’s no closer to making it to the SB. You shouldn’t shell out that kind of dough IMHO if you aren’t pretty sure he can get you into the playoffs and play in them.

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