Pat Caputo - Lions gained ground on NFC North rivals in 2020 NFL Draft

The, as of today, laid off Pat Caputo

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Wait, I didn’t know @iggy14 owns the Oakland press.

I’m kidding bro. :joy:


“The Lions lost twice to Green Bay in '19 despite leading both games until the final play.”

I so f*cking hate this. Add in the Fail Mary and I am really really sick of us beating the Packers then losing to them with 00:00 on the clock


Even if we beat the Pack both times, they still end up 6 games better than us. They still win the NFC north. We still come in last place by 3 full games.

Even if healthy, I don’t think we came close to closing the 10 game gap between us and GB. I think Minny is still significantly better than us, talent wise. However, we could pass the Bears for 3rd place if Foles doesn’t find lightning in a bottle again.