Pat Caputo: Top 10 Detroit Lions Not Named Barry Sanders Since Last Playoff Win

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2 kickers in the top 10 (11) LOL

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You could make an argument for Mel Gray, who was on the NFL All-Decade Team for the 1990s.

Also for Dre Bly who went to two Pro Bowls, or Shaun Rogers who went to two Pro Bowls…

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Terrible list. I didnt see Don Muhlbach on it.


Tsk-tsk…Oh Freebird, he’s number seven on that list YOU posted.

Just bustin’ your balls. :laughing:

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These senior moments are becoming all too frequent. :crazy_face:

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Definitely have Bly over a couple of those dudes.

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How is Suh even in the top 10?
He was good here for only 4 years. I mean, what is this list based on? So many good players that meant so much more to this organization than Suh!

Don’t feel bad I somehow missed him too and wondered why. Went back through the list and see him the second time. I guess that’s what happens when I’m trying to work and read the DEN at the same time.

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That’s what I was doing as well.

Top 10 at what? Production? Skillset? Putting fans in the seat?
I don’t understand what this list even is.

Ndamukong Suh was the best player on the best team since we have had since we last won a playoff game.

In addition to that he has the 2nd most All Pro seasons of any Lion since we last won a playoff game.

He was a dominant player for half a decade in Detroit.


Suh had 36 sacks in Detroit, Porcher had 95.5…and Suh hurt his team just as much as he helped them.

Suh was good but again, what is this list measuring: Stats, awards, accolades, longevity?
Can a player be great for one year and make this list? Without the criteria stated, this list is very incomplete.

They left off Mel Gray! At one point, he was our only offense

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The Lions defense has been an absolute dumpster fire since Suh left town.

If he hurt more than he helped that wouldn’t be the case.

The Lions went from 2nd in the league in total defense, Suh’s last year to bottom 5, 4 out of 5 years since he’s been gone.

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Also, where does goalpost rank on the list? :thinking:


Do you feel like if Suh was on our team last year that our defense would have really been better?
I’m not so sure, myself.

Different positions so stats don’t equate.

Both were great players but Suh was a beast of a DT. Arguably the best at his position.

Porcher was a damn good DE but he was never regarded as the best at his position ever. He rarely took over games in the way that Suh did.

I get that Suh was more dominant at DT than Porcher was at DE.
So is that what this list is? The best at their respective positions?
Like I was saying before, can someone be dominant for a year or two and make the list?

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Oh, man! How can you do Brett Perriman that way?