Pat McAfee Sold Out to Mickey Mouse

So after saying last week that hes too stupid to do something like that.

After last year getting threatened by ESPN.

After all the issues and money they paid for NFL rights.

After signing a MASSIVE Fan Duel contract extension recently.

Hes leaving all of that for ESPN. Which means they are giving him the BAG!

I dont care what they told him or what he thinks is going to happen. Name 1 show on ESPN that isn’t highly scripted. Or polarizing just to be polarizing.

The show is going to change massively for the worse AND not to mention the censorship, not just the language, but the clothing, the topics, the mess. All things that make the show different.

Im sorry hell keep making more money than Youtube. But it will NEVER be the same show. It will be worse.


I agree, used to like Pat’s show… but will never watch again.

Complete sell out. @LineBusy warned me, I was a fool.

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dang, guess i wont be watching any more either… not a big deal i guess, i dont watch any sports shows any more and only watched short clips of his

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Devil’s advocate - which I can’t verify other than from the horses mouth (Pat) - the show will be the same show from the same place in Indy with the same guys. Still have his boy Arod on Tuesdays during the season, etc. He flat out said “it’ll still be the show, just with fewer F-bombs”

What i liked about his show was that we wasn’t a controlled puppet… good luck @ ESPN not being a sellout.

And no disrespect to you @jthom19802, just my 2 cents.

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None taken, brother. That’s why this board is this board.

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But thats not how mother Disney works. They control everything. You sign with them you give up all creative freedom. It wont be an over night change but you will see more and more. Topics forced on them. Pointless arguments. Pat more clean cut. No swearing. Less antics.

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Anyone have any numbers? I read he left 40m a year on the table to leave for 10m a year? That didn’t make sense to me.

Well it it was $40m per year for the entire show.
So like $40m minus costs, divided up among everyone

Where the $10m reported is JUST for pat. Everyone else has their own contract.

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That makes a lot more sense. Thank you for clearing that up. I have watched his show for years, I liked it so much because it was different than ESPN. Bummed because I know what it’s going to become.

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I don’t understand the push-back that PMS is getting.

Personally, with how successful Pat McAfee has been throughout just not his show, but his other endeavors (WWE, College Gameday, etc), the fact that there were multiple networks/platforms that were vying for his show, and how they have repeatedly said that the core of the show and what it is will never change regardless of where they are…I don’t see any reason to believe that ESPN is going to come in and purchase a wildly successful program and then attempt to change it. I don’t see why Pat and his company would agree to a deal where that was on the table.

It seems pretty simple to me: Pat has been guaranteed that they will still have creative control, very little will change, and now his show will have reach to a majority of households/sports bars/airports, etc in the United States. Pat flat out said he wouldn’t take a deal that wouldn’t allow them to also simulcast on YouTube and because of that, deals with other networks/platforms were tabled. But I’m supposed to believe that he’s willing to “sell out” his entire vision and tone of the show to a Network when he wouldn’t even give up 100k viewers on YouTube? Come on.

Sounds like people are just pissed off that the guys won’t be able to say “■■■■” every other word. It’s so weird.

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I really only listen to portions of his show when I see it linked here or someone on SM that I follow posts video highlights. Enjoyed them and I guess time will tell what limitations, if any, are put in place.(other than the swearing which, less of, isn’t a big deal)

I havent seen disney impact fox media or others in the way that this group seems to have. To each their own but if Seth McFarlane is allowed to blast disney in his shows and show what he has in them, i doubt mcafee will be all that impacted… but time will tell

Its more of a i dont trust Disney at all.
They take over everything. They always take control over everything creatively.

I guess well see. But i have little faith that disney wont get their hands all up in this

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In the long run I can see Disney starting to push McAfee in whatever direction they want. For now though, I bet they’ll let him run the show as he already has in order to keep his current audience engaged. That damn mouse knows how to chase the almighty dollar.

Talk to Dan LeBatard.

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His salary for the show is slightly better than he made as a punter… :grin:

I think the simple truth is ESPN needs McAfee more than McAfee needs ESPN. If they push too hard and he doesn’t agree…what are they going to do? Fire him? He didn’t need ESPN before and won’t need them after. Him and the boys have all the leverage.

He already spoke on this and the reasons the McAfee situation is different than his own: