Patching together different eras of Lions football to make a contender

Do you think it’s possible to create a Super Bowl worthy franchise using the past Lions players AND personnel?

I mention the personnel part because that’s where it gets dicey. Granted, we wouldn’t really need a GM in this scenario since the players are all pretty great – maybe we could limit the timeframe on it to make up the difference, IDK.

That said, who would you pick? Who’s the QB you take to hand the ball off to Barry? Who are the coaches and coordinators? Do you pick players that fit their scheme or go talent first? Does Lions legendary RB James Stewart become the thunder to Barry’s lightning? Does Germane Crowell become a 1,600 yard receiver next to CJ?

Does Mike Martz get into a battle of the egos with Schwartz? Does Wayne Fontes break it up or watch and and laugh? Feel free to get creaative.

QB - JT O’Sullivan
RB - Avon Cobourne
FB - Tommy Vardell
WR - Scottie Vines
WR - David Kircus
TE - Casey Fitzsimmons
LT - Stockar McDougle
LG - Stephen Peterman
C - Fan “play on the team” contest winner
RG - Aaron Gibson
RT - Gosder Cherilus

DE - Kalimba Edwards
DT - Shaun Cody
DT - Caraun Reid
DE - Anthony Zettel
LB - Barrett Green
LB - Wali Rainer
LB - Donte Curry
CB - Chris Cash
CB - Jimmy Wyrick
S - Harry Colon (hehe)
S - Bracey Walker

K - Nate Freese
P - With our offensive firepower we’ll never have to punt, so this roster spot will be used for depth at another position


Fontz is the best Head Coach since, well…the mid '50s.

QB … Depth chart from 1-3:
Layne, Landry, Stafford
Probably not a lot to debate there.

RB starts to get a bit more interesting after Barry. James Jones was a very good big back, really considered a full back at the time that could really catch the ball our of the backfield, block, and a very good runner, im not sure without looking, but im thinking Jones had a 1000 rd season, or he was really close.

I also really liked Steve Owens, a bigger back for the times (1970), out of Ok. Won the Hiesman in '69, Rushed for 1000 yds in a 14 game season, and was All Pro

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I think if Kramer had been the starting QB from game 1, we go all the way in 93.


Give me the healthy version of Reggie Bush as the backup to Barry

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How can you disrespect Billy like that? Billy Sims is behind only Barry and one of the top 20 RBs ever…until he was injured.


Not enough Luke Staley

Edit: How is the QB not Mike McMahon?! :angry:

Yeah, i was looking for the thunder to Barry’s lightening there. If i had to rate Lions RB over the years:

Barry, Billy, M Farr, J Jones, Bush, Owens, A Taylor, D Bussey, H King.

Man that’s a beautiful list Wes. The real question now:
Who wins? That team VS 2008.
What a debate!
(You forgot about Kalvin Pearson! How dare you)

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(The following is only pertains to the years that I’ve been watching Lions football. Anything before 1982 must be overlooked)
I believe Caldwell was the coach of my lifetime. Followed by Schwartz. I’d put both of them over Fontes.
Coach: Caldwell
OC: Linehan
DC: Austin
QB: Stamford
Backup RB: Billy Sims (out of respect. Before my time, but I’ve seen highlights)
WR#2: Herman Moore
WR#3: Golden Tate
TE: … ugh… David Sloan I guess
OLine: Kevin Glover, Rob Sims, Larry Warford, Lomas Brown, Damian Woody
Dline: Suh, Porcher, Tracy Scroggins, Shaun Rogers
LB’s: Stephen Boyd, Spielman, Levy
CB’s: Dre Bly, Slay
Safety: Glover Quin, Mark Carrier

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I know it’s all ‘schwartzy’ but had jahvid best stayed healthy I think his numbers would’ve been phenomenal.

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Jon Matthew Stafford QB
Herman Moore WR
Calvin Johnson WR
Golden Tate WR
Billy Sims RB
Barry Sanders RB
Cory Schlesinger FB
Kevin Glover C
Lomas Brown T
Lou Creekmur T
Ed Flanagan C
Jeff Hartings G
Charlie Sanders TE
Doug English DT
Ndamukong Suh DT
Bubba Baker DE
Robert Porcher DE
Chris Spielman LB
Joe Schmidt LB
Wayne Walker LB
Dick “Night Train” Lane CB
Lem Barney CB
Darius Slay CB
Dick Lebeau S
Yale Lary S
Mel Gray KR
Herman " Thunderfoot" Weaver P
Jason Hanson PK
Don Mulbach LS

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Jimmy “Spiderman” Allen Rapper

They may not be all-timers but some favorites from a long time of watching
Bobby Layne who could be there instead of Stafford
Bennie Blades
Altie Taylor
Earl McCullough
Mike Lucci
Stephen Boyd
Altie Taylor
Mel Farr
Jerry Ball
James Hall
Mike Cofer
Germaine Crowell
David Hill

Willie Green!
I’d probably put Avril in place of Porcher.

Most would put Karras. I put Porcher because he led the NFL. Avril never did that. Porcher was a Lion for life. Avril not only broke free agent rules he left us and spoke ill of the team after he took negotiations into the media. No, Avril can suck my d…Avril is simply a bitch.

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Yeah, I forgot about that.

TE - C. Sanders, D. Hill
QB - G. Landry, M. Stafford
RB - B. Sanders, S. Owens
OL - J. Backus, E. Flannigan L. Brown, K. Glover, R. Bollinger
R - C. Johnson, B. Perriman

DL - B. Baker, D. English, L. Hand, R. Porcher
LB - J. Schmidt, C. Spielman, W. Walker
DB - L. Barney, B. Blades, D. Slay, G. Quin

K - E. Murray, J. Arnold
HC - W. Fontes

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The 2008 team’s run defense was so bad (historically bad) that I bet Avon Cobourne could have gotten 100 yards against them. LOL


For sure…loved Jahvid. Its such a shame the injury bug got him. So fun to watch, like Barry, you knew the real possibility of Best going 80 yards the very next time he touched the ball.


I miss having players like that.