Patreon interest in supporting The Den?

Hi all,

As this forum continues to evolve, I’m wondering what kind of interest you all have in a Patreon system. Patreon basically allows there to be a supporting member system in exchange for perks. I’m thinking something like $5 a month. The overall benefits for the site would be a few things: I’d no longer be paying out of pocket, and could actually add to the number of features on the forum (we’re on the barebones version of the software).

Now, to be clear, this wouldn’t be a pay-for-access system. Rather, Patreon folk would just have an additional set of features at their disposal, and maybe even help decide the direction of The Den. For example, if we can roll out some new fancy feature, Patreon folk would carry the deciding vote. There’s probably a ton I’m not thinking of right now as well.

Let me know any thoughts on this you might have, and I’m open to ideas as well.



I’m more into once a year donations to the cause. I’d rather flip you a hundo once a year versus a nagging $5.00 a month. JMO
I’d love to help with the costs of this free site, not all are able to, but I am and I will. I need no extra benefits, just good posters with good insights.
I don’t have the time to dig into college prospects, but I love those who offer insights I don’t have time to dig into, just on that itself prompts me to pay :slight_smile:

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Set it up. $60 a year is chump change.

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I’d be down

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I’m in for an annual contribution. Small monthly contributions are easier to overlook and can get out of control.

Sounds good to me. Let me know if you are going to do it!

I think annual cost is easier to maintain.

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Annual cost would be much less hassle and easier to remember for us old folk

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$5/month: for those who want to try month to month as features are added

$27.50/6mo: for those mostly onboard but still feeling the waters in some areas

$50/year: for those all in

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I’m down to contribute whatever way everyone decides