Patricia isn't going anywhere

Sheila is not going to fire Patricia or Quinn.
The next 8 games have 7 that a team can win just by accident. I expect the Lions to win some of those games. There are 3 wild card teams this year. The last wildcard team will get in with 9 or even 8 wins. If the Lions can make a decent showing out of the next 8 games, they will be competitive over the first 12 games. And as much as Stafford makes silly mistakes, if he plays up to his skill level, he will give the Lions a great chance to win games against the likes of the Bears, Vikings, Football Team, Jags, etc. It’s possible that they could be 6-6 after 12 games.
Patricia and Quinn have 2 more years left on their contracts after this season is over. The Fords are not going to want to dump 20 some million in the remaining contracts if they don’t have to. The Fords have shown time and again that they don’t give a damn about winning.

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We live in a fast-pace society and people want instant gratification. I think that’s a sign of not so level headed people. I think the best approach is to forget the past, each year is different, and give people the opportunity to prove they can do a job they were hired for without objectification and see if they succeed. If they all fail miserably, then they need to be let go at the end of the year. But I have heard the excuses from members of this board and I am not ignoring them, just don’t agree with them. People assume the coaches are the fallible component to a team, without maybe identifying that the players are culpable as well. They choose to ignore that even when a said player even backs up that idea. A team will always fail as a team. There is never a single component to failure, no matter how big.

It is going to play out and maybe I have just accepted that, but the instant gratification crowd just makes more and more excuses just to get that nugget they so cherish.

I have believed since the beginning that they would be here through 2021 season NO MATTER WHAT. Now I am not sure they sure this season if they don’t win at least 7-8 games. I am for it playing out, that is all. my opinion is nothing but it’s mine.

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Miss the playoffs and they better be gone.
Hell, I’d put the bar at winning a playoff game. The teams at it’s worst since Schwartz first year… and that was 2009.

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@goldenlions…I disagree with part of your post. I don’t think people are being “not so level headed” because they want instant gratification. What Lions fans are seeing is other franchises that have been just as bad and inept as the Lions have been and those franchises make strides, progress and they peek at a moment, even if they don’t sustain it for consecutive years. The Atlanta Falcons are a very good example of this. We have seen teams like Jacksonville come from the dumps and make it top the AFC Championship and many said they should have beaten the Patriots and made the Super Bowl. I believe it frustrates Lions fans that the Lions cannot achieve similar strides and peeks/progress. I don’t think its asking a lot for your team to win in the playoffs…even if you don’t make it to the Super Bowl.

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I don’t think being 1-3 is the issue. I don’t think anyone expected this group to be 4-0 realistically hitting the bye. It is the manner of the three defeats which is what is frustrating people, the same mistakes and limitations which existed in year one are still there in year three, a complete collapse in the fourth quarter against Mitchell Trubiskey and blown out in the other two. It stinks of stagnation and it does not look like a unit who just needs to round into form or need a few breaks to find its stride. The scheme, personnel, play calling and execution all look suspect and with little cause for optimism.

There is no tangible evidence that Patrica can turn this around, there are no green shoots or credible evidence that he has this under control. Changing HC may not guarantee that we will improve but sticking with the one we have guarentees that we won’t


This is fair. They’ve earned this opinion.

Instant gratification?? It’s been 60 years of failure THE Detroit Lions.
fast forward to 2020? yeah we expect better not the damn team to look completely lost like their not sure what to do on game days. That’s what this looks like a team without quality training…so when game is here??? well half the team is fakking up and looks like “hey what do i do here !?”

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This is a reasonable take. The one win was somewhat of a gift from an second year QB who had a terrible day … but let’s give a little credit to the defense. All credit to the defense is lost when you look at the manner in which the other 3 games were given away. Feeble defense, out-coached, and minimal appearance of energy from certain groups of players.
The schedule over the next 7 weeks as easy as you will ever see. Five wins, and in playoff position should be the bar. Anything less just confirms what we already know.

This issue is the Bears collapse. If we’re sitting at 2-2 the narrative is a bit different. There would certainly be disappointment that we couldn’t beat a depleted Saints team that spotted us 14 points but I don’t think folks would have the pitch forks out if we were 2-2.

It doesn’t help that MP comes off as an egotistical ass when interviewed.


I am sorry but saying people who want MP fired as looking for instant gratification is really a reach. He is 9-24-1. It is not like he is in year 1. But the bigger problem is HOW the team looks. They look bad! And despite getting HIS guys they still look bad. Even if they manage to beat some of the weaker teams on the schedule I have not seen anything about MP that says - GEE THIS GUY IS A KEEPER! He is rude, abrasive, does not represent the lions well, blames others all while continuing to put a poorly prepared team on the field. FOR 34 games now. NOT 4 or 10 or even 24. This team is significantly worse than when he took over. They are laughing stocks again after finally starting to rid themselves of that smell. ALL of this as been done on Quinns and MPs watch. So what exactly makes you think wanting to see him fired is “instant gratification”? Is it because he made the right defensive call (according to him) in a Superbowl 7 years ago? Or is it because he inherited (his words) a team with so many problems? Please enlighten me. One would think you were WCF’s grandson or something. WELL, let’s wait a few more years or decades before we make a change. Seriously, calling people who want a change at this point “not level headed” or wanting instant gratification is one of the most ignorant things I have heard on this board, and that is saying a lot.

Also, I am sorry but hoping the team will do OK because it has a weak schedule is a really, really sad way of looking at things. I would rather we have a tough schedule but look competitive losing rather than cheering the ability to win against bad teams sometimes, while embarrassing ourselves against good teams. That is a loser mentality and I seriously hope we don’t get to the point that we find that acceptable.


Because it has only been 4 games into a season. Stop using the past to justify the present, it doesn’t matter in the NFL. It’s why you can see a guy who went 10-6 one year get fired the next year they go 4-12.

But I you are obvious one of the people who are not level headed. And want that instant gratification to see the Lions fire the coach. If Lions fire the coach today, would you be happy? I am guessing yes, that is instant gratification, but then you are let to wonder…now what??? Sounds like an intelligent thing to do to me.

Just to get it straight, if it fails, I am all for the firing of Patricia, Quinn and even Sheila can denounce her family fortune for all I care.

But after 4 games looking to fire a coach you look stupid in my eyes, just leave it at that. Enjoy your hate. Peace.

Its not four games clueless - were you in a coma the last two seasons. Total loser mentality bud. But enjoy losing and getting drunk afterwards. Up to you - but you are the one in la la land if you think people wanting change at this point are not level headed. Nice talking with you WCF!


And since when has MP gotten us to 10-6? I am waiting. Big difference between winning and then losing vs. NEVER winning.


He has already failed:

Is this team better or worse than when he took over?
Does the team play hard for him?
Does his scheme work?
Is team discipline better?
Is team conditioning better?
Is the injury report better or worse?
Has he hired a stable of quality coaches?
Has he retained top talent?
Has he developed new talent?
Are they showing improvement?
Have his challenges been good?
Is his in game time management good?
Does he make good in game adjustments?
Has the play calling been consistently good or bad?
Do the reporters like him?
Does the public like him?
Has he been good for the community (other than increasing grocery sales)?
Seriously - Name me ONE good thing he has done or accomplished since being here.


He showed me how to build a Gatorade fort :grin:


If you’ve wanted MP gone since this time last year, wouldn’t firing him now count as delayed gratification?


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Thank you! You get Anne Hathaway for your troubles, so you’re probably regretting it right now, but I appreciate it.

This is so false in so many ways.

You ever hear the expression that one bad apple can spoil the whole bushel?

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