Patrick Peterson suspended for first 6 games

Should give Matt a little wiggle room in the secondary.

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I edited your title to reflect the right number of games – it was even longer than we thought.

Apparently it was for a PED.

You were right the first time; i guess its only 6 now.

Leaving it all up anyway just so everyone can laugh at me.

Interesting behind the scenes tidbits here. If you remember, PP took down all Cardinals references from social media a couple of weeks before the draft. This possibly sheds some light on why.

Looks like Murphy is his backup on the depth chart. Stafford has never done well vs PP even when we have won.

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I’d probably still trade for him. Might be on the cheaper side now


I was thinking the same thing. It would stink to not have him for the first 6 games, but if the Cards would take a 4th for him now…

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Eh, I wouldn’t trade for him unless I thought he was the piece the team needed to make the SB. The Cards should try and trade him and if they get no offers finish the year with him and try again next season. He’s signed thru 2020 and would cost over $12 million next year and almost $7 million this year. We need serious help at WR.