Patriots screwed by refs!

Just saw the highlights of the Pats/Chiefs game and wow did the Pats get f’d by the refs…not once but twice! NFL needs to fix this problem.

Funny how Tommy and Bill refuse to blame the refs much like Matthew and Matt did…but this board remains silent on that! Pretty sure many said that these two would man up…slam the refs in the media and take the fine like real men, because there is NO WAY they would stand by and let it happen!


On to Cincinnati!

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I loved Rex Ryan’s response:

“I’m sorry, but give me a break. Cry me a river, New England has never had a break? Oh, please. Give me a break. … Yeah, were there some mistakes? Absolutely, and I loved it for one.”


Patterns are patterns, and people do what they do. We are all addicted to our stories. It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s the meaning people attach to what happens. The people that want to be victims are going to be victims. Do you spend more time on the problem, or the solution. Someone gets raped. Are they a victim in a moment, or a victim for life? This is a choice. Who do you want to be? How do you want to experience life? How do you want others to experience you?

If Patrica won 4 SBs in a row, invented a cure for cancer, fixed the economy in Detroit, created a million new jobs, and introduced them to their future wife…they would bitch about his physique. LOL.

Nice post, brother. Point made.

I am surprised to see them getting screwed on calls too. Maybe they’ve calculated that Mahommes is better for ratings?


Little different. For one, they did argue on the field, as did Dorsett.

When it happened to us in week 5, our season was hanging on by a thread. The Pats still control their own destiny.

They have also been on the other end of calls throughout the years, none bigger than the tuck game. So, you have to pick your battles. They got hosed on a few major calls in this one, but they also were behind the 8 ball most of the game before these calls took place, whereas the Lions pretty much dominated and got a W ripped from them with like 7 inexcusable calls.

Apples to oranges.

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It’s very much apples to apples…both the Lions and Pats had games taken from them by the refs.

The point I am making is that this board went bat shit crazy for Martha, Matthew, Quinn and Patricia to stand up to the NFL by blasting the refs in the media…AND MANY made the comment the Bill and Tom would never let that happen to them, yet here we are!

Funny Quinn and Patricia have stated we need a culture change and ours is starting to mirroring that of a winning organization. Some just need to open their eyes and see that changes are actually happening. Unless you wanna be like the Browns and handle everything in the media

Whatchu talkin ‘bout Willis

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The level to which the Pats got screwed is vastly overstated.
Yeah the refs made a bad mistake on the Kelce fumble but people (including Collinsworth) acted like it was a guaranteed scoop and score when in reality Tyreek Hill was closing fast and more than likely would have made the tackle a little past mid field.

Harry scored the TD but refs miss calls like that all the time. Belicheat should be blaming himself for being out of challenges.

They were bad calls but these happen just about every game but since it happened to The Golden Team, it becomes national news and a U.S. Tragedy.

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Sorry Pats get no sympathy from me. We have a coach with Pat in his name…I’on like him either.

Well, they have been making a big deal of Tom passing the torch. In a piece I saw, it was insinuated that Mahomes was the heir apparent.

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Boo who. They get away with a lot. Still could make the super bowl. Sick of them.

Again, the Pats still have everything to play for. When the GB game happened, we were on the brink of ending our season. A lot more on the line. The Pats are still sitting just fine. They don’t need to go batshit crazy because they will likely still be hosting playoff games in a few weeks. Our season basically ended on that Monday night and nobody gave a fuck but us fans. If the Pats were eliminated from the playoffs last night, there would have been a much bigger uproar. Apples, to oranges.

Oh, my. Hope it’s not a “here we go again,” moment. I wish they’d sell the integrity of the sport, and how there is no agenda, and use it as a way to teach and lead kids about what can happen if you conduct your life with integrity. Instead, we get WWE.

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Watched the entire game, it was brutal. That being said, I don’t feel sorry for them on bit being a Lions fan.

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Yeah, talk to us in 30 or 40 years.
Pat’s 2
Lions 198

Well they are quickly losing home field advantage so they are losing alot. Our season did not hinge on the GB game, but the outcome definitely set a tone.

And this thread is not about feeling bad for the Pats…it’s to point out that the Pats did not “freak out” like everyone said a “real organization” would if it happened to them.

Thus apples to apples