Pats got their new Tom Brady

I’m rooting for Lewerke but he was a terrible QB @ State

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It would be a miracle if Belichik turned Brian into an NFL QB.
That would solidify GOAT in my book.


Good luck to Lewerke, but I just can’t imagine him making any NFL roster.

I’d put my money on Stidham coming in and doing pretty decent this year.

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No… But I think he will be a back up in NFL.

The Pats are going to be awful. You throw in a brand new QB and give him the worst WR corp in the league…
Remember, Belichick has only made the playoffs 1 time in 7 years without Brady as his starting QB.

Buffalo and ultimately Miami will run the division but I not counting out the Pats just yet

I don’t think they are going to get blown out by their division foes, but they are going to have trouble putting together long drives.
If that offense was that bad with a HOF QB running it, a guy who virtually has never played in the NFL isn’t going to have much luck.
But, I’m not really a believer in any of the teams in that division.

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Does Bill have something for kids with Michigan ties or what?