Patty's Ridiculous Excuse

This. All of this.


In comic books they call this a failed attempted retcon.

In Movies they just call it a JJ Abrams

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This article is a must-read, especially with Orlovsky and Glover Quin chiming in (although to Patricia’s credit, he’s responsible for all of Glover Quin’s interceptions. Just ask the fat ass—he’ll tell you all about it).

The most damming thing is that this is such a lie. To somehow lay the blame at the feet of his predecessor is two-faced, weak, and contradicts what both Quinn and Patricia told us three years ago. This answer ALONE warrants an immediate firing.


Also, can we just all fucking finally agree that Caldwell should have NEVER been fired?


For all this regime’s talk of accountability, it sure is hard to find when things go tits up.


I didnt think it was a good idea at the time .So you get no arguement from me nate .I get why people wanted him gone some bone headed things went on but man i enjoyed being competitive and thought we would get it right eventually under him. Not the case with these guys . I would have fired them after failing to get to 9-7 in year one .

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His idea of accountability, is holding others accountable while denying his own.


I think BQ has shown that his decision making is very suspect. First he fires a winning HC instead of trying to guide him into a division title. Caldwell was very close to winning the division 3 times.

Second he hires MP who clearly didn’t have a plan. One look at MP’s coaching candidates plan tells you he wasn’t prepared to be a HC. That was a tell tale sign that BQ missed.

Third he allows and helps MP to run off the talent that Caldwell assembled.

Then you toss in the fact that he didn’t learn from Mathews mistake of drafting a TE in the top 10. Good GM’s get the best value and BQ doesn’t grasp this concept.

Lastly we’ve seen him make the same mistakes over and over. He doesn’t learn from them.

MP is a terrible coach and BQ is just as responsible for this mess. Both must go.


Absolutely not. Firing Caldwell was still the right move. The guy NEVER won a “must win” game in his entire career in Detroit. Furthermore, his last season he was sitting pretty at 9-4. Just win ONE game, and you win the division. Couldn’t do it. Worse than that, he couldn’t even get the right amount of players on the field. 10 guys on the field is bad enough, then Papa Jim says “Hold my sparkling cider” and gives us NINE guys on the field to run a play.

One of the first qualifications for being an NFL coach should be getting 11 guys on the field for a play. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve the job. Caldwell couldn’t do it.

Nope, Caldwell had a horrible record against good teams, you don’t wish you had a lower average coach back just because you now have a bottom-dweller coach. You wish you would have actually gotten a high quality coach instead of the bottom dweller.