Paul Pasqali Needs to go NOT be involved with the defense any longer

I think the whole thing has gone to his head and he thinks he’s better than he is. I think he butts heads with Patricia because Paul feels the defense is all his.

Patricia himself isn’t literally screaming and yelling at the guy but I think there is built-up animosity there -because Paul feels threatened.

Besides that, Paul comes off like his way isn’t flawed or broken or outdated. and refuses to really listen to direction from Patricia.
I feel when MP is involved, the defense plays better BUT in no way is Matt Patricia going to get in a heated argument with Paul right in front of Quinn or Bevell.

If all you say is true, than MP has lost control. In meaning, its his ship pertaining to staff and team. Thinking that they are far from that. You cannot blame just one person for this wet fart. The stench must be spread out evenly.

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Who hired him? Enough of the scapegoats. So, you want Patricia to fire his DC after already firing his special teams coach and OC last year? By the way, the special teams is still terrible. At some point, you have to accept that the assistants are a reflection of the head coach, and, well, hes not good.

I think Paul was kept because Quinn liked and recommended him to a first-time HC. JBC was a different /separate matter, even we could tell that Cooter ball wasn’t close to “getting it done.”
that’s why he was canned. PLUS we rank 31st Defensively…proof this %$@#! isn’t working here /now. Patricia WAS a Defensive mind in New England/ DC , and posters point in his direction for the mess…IMO you get rid of Paul and let MP run the defense and erase all doubt.

Actually our special teams are one of a few areas that are not playing terrible:

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More growth for him. He’s learning and growing. I’m guessing this thing will get much better (hopefully really quickly). Patricia is a very caring, respectful, and honorable man. I’m not sure how he will handle it, but I am sure he will do his very best, and throwing a tantrum, especially in front of people seems unlikely.

Truth is, we’re all telling stories to ourselves and making assumptions. The types of stories you tell yourself reveal how you view the world, what you expect, based on your interpretation of what you have seen so far in life. True, so far in life, we have seen the Lions implode in every imaginable way. To change things, we have to do something different. Same actions will get same results. Let’s sit back and see how it works out before we declare the sky is falling. Lots of balls have bounced against us, including 2 games being taken by officials, a crazy amount of injuries at key positions, and more. Some of that we can control, and some not so much. It’s very, very easy to see how this team could be in first place in the division, right now. Very fine line. So many of you guys are trying to draw it up like we are the Dolphins or Redskins. Doesn’t feel honest.

Here’s to low drama, with no fights, no dramatic, premature team housecleaning, excessive firings, etc. Let’s see what the Patricia can do. Nobody, including himself truly knows, at this point.

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I think Pasqualoni and Patricia are tied at the hip with this defense. I think those trying to separate the 2 are mistaken.

I think this defense is very much the product of both Patricia and Pasqualoni.

I think the failings of this defense are injuries, a lack of talent at LB, and a scheme that fails to bring pressure on the QB, thus leaving our DBs on an island. Hence the push back from Diggs and Slay about the defensive scheme.

Patricia owns this D just as much as Pasqualoni.

Quinn owns the lack of talent in the LB corps.


I said that Patricia was not going to fight , argue the defensive point with Paul in front of Quinn and others.
I see nothing good on defense…it’s in the ditch, people are quick to name MP BUT Paul is our DC. something is really wrong when your defense is about dead last in the league.

Patricia WAS the defensive guy in New England , but NOT HERE bc Paul is . It has not worked the defense. I say remove Paul from the scene and put the Defense on Patricia —IF it sucks?? you know it’s him. IF it Improves?? It is his defense. shrug

I feel like we get the DL healthy, and our LBs would be good enough to play behind them. You can’t have prowlers at every position on all 3 levels.

I feel like if our DL was who they are supposed to be on paper, the rest of the D would look immensely better. I feel like Davis, Kenard, and Tavai can get it done. I feel like Jones is the weak link. I’m just a fan with better than average football knowledge, so take it for what it’s worth. I’m not an NFL GM.

I noticed they are doing more unique stuff out there. Loved the audible to try and draw them off-sides. I think they are due to try a special teams fake.

So just so I’m understanding you correctly, based on this sentiments the Lions should have fired Jim Caldwell during the one and seven start in 2015 because of his insistence to keep Lombardi. Is that right? And if not for Lombardi then he certainly should have been fired for keeping Ron Prince on the staff, right? Lastly, you do recall that because Patricia was in the Super Bowl that year that by the time he was able to try to assemble a staff the majority if not virtually all of the better candidates had already taken other positions with other teams, right? I’m not defending Patricia as much as I’m trying to say this line of thinking is flawed at best.

Pretty much every Lions coach never goes on to coach again in the NFL. Why is that? I tend to think it’s because they were not only bad hirings but they were also exposed as bad coaches here. You might hire a great football mind, but when they hire bad assistants or try to implement bad schemes, it’s still on them. Until Martha’s cheap ass actually attempts to go get a legit GM, we will continue the 60 year rebuild.

Just for Informational purposes, below are a select few of lions assistant coaches over the years that may not have been too bad.

Bill Belichick
Don Shula
Marty Schottenheimer
Chuck Knox
Tom Moore
Jerry Glanville
Joe Bugel

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Got any from this millennium?


You do realize that your quote-unquote 60-year rebuild statement is less than 20 years in this century and over 40 years in the previous century right? I’m not even defending Patricia. I think perhaps you would save everyone including yourself a great deal of time to Simply post “Lions suck-fire everybody” multiple times a day as it would convey the same thought in a more effective manner.

Lastly, I think that pasqualoni definitely needs to go.

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Sorry, I just think people want to pump sunshine all the time and cant see the forest for the trees. It’s all right in front of us.

NOTHING about Quinn or Patricia makes me think they will be good going forward. Nothing. I see no signs of drafting above league average, extending smart contracts, accumulating picks, or making savvy trades. Why would people think that would change in year 5 or 6 or 7? As for Patricia, hes still lost AF. I suppose if he had a GM that got him top 5 talent he could he a top 10 coach.

WHO is pumping sunshine ? right now we are all pretty damn sick of the result, start to get the Offense on track again, and the defense implodes, I guarantee you nobody is happy about the situation. BS to think otherwise . In fact you have more Lions fans in a position to walk away now more than ever barring maybe the 0-16 season.

And again , I think Paul Pas Doesn’t want to hear about it and thinks HIS defense is fine AND he doesn’t want Patricia being involved in the defense. I think their bickering has got our defense ran off the road.
Pas and Patricia are supposed to operate the defense efficiently together BUT they are not even with the healthy players they have playing atm.

this is driving me batty I can’t point fingers because I don’t know who is to blame ONLY those 2 are in command of our defense but is it one or the other?? Hell I don’t know.

I know it is NOT working-obviously. When we got Patricia I thought our defensive problems would be a thing of the past the only thing resembling the past is how GD BAD our defense is !

I never believed in Paul and don’t see the fruits of his efforts here . I WOULD like to see Matt Patricia take full and total control over the defense for reasons I’ve already mentioned in other threads. Let’s see the outcome. can it be worse !?

Patricia simply isn’t that good. We need to stop with the coordinator scapegoat method we have been using every year. Cooter was the best and had Stafford as efficient as ever, then Stafford had a down year and it was Cooter’s fault. Now the defense takes a huge step backwards once Patricia was hired and it’s now PP’s fault. Paul is calling the game that MP wants. Patricia has a head set on. He knows what’s being called. He has input on the plays and personnel. If he didn’t like it, he would take a timeout and correct it, or correct it at halftime, etc. It’s week 11. If he felt the problem was with PP, then he would have addressed it. It’s cute that people think he “took over” in the loss to the Bears who have perhaps the worst QB in the league, and still lost. Thing is, he’s never been some great defensive mind. He did what Bill Belichick wanted and now that he’s gone, the Pats are not missing him for a second.

right now, there are two guys there runnin our defense, it’s not working…who is ultimately to blame? no one knows and injuries factor in but STILL.

as far as Stafford last season?? there was various reasons INCLUDING Stafford, why HE and the team had such a poor season. and you cannot pin it ALL on Stafford.

Tribisky and the Bears were helped by several PI’s not called, 3 separate facemask penalties the Bears got away with, not called, we had them pinned deep and they WERE going 3 and out quite a bit. The Officials put them 5 yards to the endzone for one of their 1st TD’s.

guess what? your not going to win games with a 31st ranked defense , playing with depth players and injuries we have had , and only maybe 6 players making plays on the whole team.
IF all your going to do is sit in the Den bitching about Stafford and Patricia then your not contributing and many posters will get tired of your schtick quickly. be original not the 2nd comming of Iggy.

You make too many excuses for this team. We hired Patricia who was an alleged genius and defensive guru. Since then, the defense has gotten drastically worse. It’s on him, not some 90 year old coordinator whose head set isn’t even turned on.