Paul Perkins wants to be “explosive” player

Sounds like he had a decent 2019 preseason.

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That Freep article quoting Patricia is different than the Lions Wire story on Perkins.
Hopefully, Patricia is right.

“He’s tough, he’ll pass protect, he’ll kind of put his body in there, and he’s not afraid of contact from that standpoint. Just thought it was good opportunity to help us, and really not only on offense, but also special teams, he has some value there too which is important for us in our overall makeup of our team.”

Lions Wire:
"He also doesn’t offer any discernible benefit on special teams, something the Lions typically do require of their No. 3 and No. 4 RBs.

It’s not a big role in Darrell Bevell’s offense, likely to get just 2-5 touches per game. Perkins is unlikely to do anything special with those touches, but his ability to handle himself in the passing game — and low price tag — is likely what attracted the team to Perkins."

We speculated for a while that it might happen, but this is the surest sign that we are moving to the Erhardt- Perkins offense.


Did you hear who they signed today?
Paul WestCoast.
Sweet…going to the Super Bowl.

And I want to be an astronaut

Erhardt is still holding out for more money. Greedy bastard

Dale Jr. is available. Not sure if he’ll agree to fly to games though

Hey Wes, appreciate your insight—what is the prototypical skill set/physical profile for a RB within the Erhardt-Perkins offense?

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First, I was joking about us moving to the E-P. Its a throwback to people who spent tons of time talking and speculating about it.

Second, there really isn’t a prototype because the E-P is simplistic in nature and can be whatever you want it to be.

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Lol thanks

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My form is any form… wait it’s no form but isn’t that it’s own form?!

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The force is strong with this one.

but remember we was “awarded” Perkins ……so he better be a gift :eyes:

Cub, that’s twice you posted basically the same thing. I’m not sure if I should take it personal? I simply used the exact language of the NFL article that I read at the time that I created the new topic. More importantly, it’s the official wording the NFL uses for waiver wire claims. I can only assume you didn’t know that. To my knowledge you would have no reason to be upset with me to take a personal shot, twice? I guess if you find it humorous so be it and more power to you. By the way the correct grammar would be …we were awarded … not …we was awarded. . that you posted the same way twice. Peace

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