Paul Richardson?

Bevell-era Seahawks draft pick released by Skins. Could be a cheap signing coming off a down year. Should we give him a shot?

He’s worth an audition, backup Jones for a year, see if he has enough to stick.

Seems like he underachieved there. Might do the same in Detroit?

Depends on the price I guess.

He’s a one year wonder, his contract year of course. I guess this one would be up to Bevell.

Could be a good lower cost replacement for Danny A while we get a mid round draft pick into the mix. Whoever plays slot with Stafford will do very well. Ask Tate and Danny. I do want some more snaps for Marvin Hall though. Sub 4.3 speed and perhaps ready to take over #3 anyway.

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He was drafted and played for Seattle, came from Colorado if I remember correctly. He was mediocre until his contract year and then had 80 receptions, signed in Washington and sucked balls.

Sorry, I was being facetious. Zero interest here.




I think he could be had dirt cheap pre-draft, with it being considered a deep WR class. Keep the guaranteed to a minimum and see what he looks like with Stafford throwing to him. Washington was not a good situation after having Wilson throwing to him.

I’ll pass a hard pass too.

There will be far better options available. To be honest I’m not opposed to bringing Kearse back. He looked really good in training camp last year.

If you want to see what kind of catches this guy can make, check out the one at 1:45. I don’t know him well, but that’s an insane catch.

I agree about him an I am for drafting 2 WR one early rd 3 an one later if they like one who may slip.

I do want them to extend
Golladay, Kenny With Jones an Kearse we would have 3 with experience an let best 2 or 3 at camp win the other spots

I read about this cut and wonder myself if he’d be worth a look.

We will see …