Pelissero - Stafford in Detroit at an end

Not quite trusting the likes of Boomer Esiason - this confirms it (for me, anyway). Yikes, man.

Full rebuild here we come.

It’s time, both for Stafford and for the Lions. But man I still have PTSD from the Lions of old’s groping for a franchise QB.

But hell - depending on how this pans out - could be the move that makes or breaks Holmes/Campbell.

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Prove your worth now, Brad Holmes.

Don’t jump at the first offer you get. San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Indianapolis, New England, Washington, Carolina, maybe others.

Let THEM compete against each other. Don’t compete with yourselves.


Yes exactly. I think now that it’s in the open they are gonna have a ton of offers to consider. No rush, just get it done before March and that signing bonus he’s due


Dan Miller @DanMillerFox246s

1/2 League source indicates that Stafford approached the team to see if it was in both sides mutual interest to trade him. Team is now exploring. Not a guarantee he will be dealt but it’s on the table. This was in works before Holmes and Campbell were hired.

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The hire of Lynn would make doubly more sense if we got a mobile QB.

LOL @QBhater

Actually, while he opposes getting rid of Stafford, he’s recognized for a while now there was a good chance it was happening.

I think a lot of people will be more accepting of this because it’s at Stafford’s request.

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He would be on his 4th HC, 5Th OC, in 12 years he had a RB go off for a 100 yards 11 times. The Lions have had a shitty defense every year. It’s a miracle he hasn’t asked for a trade sooner. This is the worst place to be in the NFL. Save all the bullshit comments, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, no QB would win here.