Penei Sewell down to #12 in DJ's latest rankings

He has some concerns about balance and going down to the ground too often. This is at odds with many other rankings who usually have him at #2 or #3. I know this board is in love with Penei, but Jeremiah is usually pretty good, no? You can read what he says here – he has Slater and Parsons above Penei:

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Late moves are typically the most important ones. Its when they have had time to watch more film, have some general talks with teams and are getting ready to put out their “real” mocks right before the draft instead of just bouncing people around for the sake of changing it up and getting clicks.

Moving Sewell down is interesting, but if I were a Sewell fan I wouldn’t panic unless he stays low and doesn’t creep back up.

I’d be totally fine with either Sewell or Slater at 7. I think the arm length metric is overrated for tackles. As long as they aren’t TRex arms, I don’t see an inch or so making a significant difference (I know…that’s what she said)

I agree. We need a great line. Makes everything easier.

It feels like there is a cut off around the 12-15 range… where the prospects definitely fall down a notch/tier doesn’t it?


Here’s a thought they say Lynn likes to run the ball oline is in play

I think the Lions are going to be in a good position when the clock starts. A likely run on QBs would push down some guys who normally wouldn’t last until #7. If any of the top 4 QBs do make it to #7, the Lions can trade the pick or take the QB themselves if they like him enough.

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I agree. I think 8-12 is the sweet spot for trading back.

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He’s the no. 2 prospect in the draft IMO. I don’t get the reasoning for this other than an opt out.

If he could of played in 2020 he might of eased some of those concerns.

DJ has always been the lowest on Sewell, he’s been driving the Slater hype train for months now. I get it, Slater’s far more of a technician than Sewell. But he’s a lot older too. Everyone forgets that the film we’re watching of Sewell was from when he was 19! He’s only 20 now, and my hunch is he’s gonna improve, a lot. I doubt Slater’s film from when he was 19 was very good.


Nice insight, @Thats2. I did forget that.

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When this dude goes through puberty, he’s gonna be a monster!

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That’s because he quit on his team in 2020 and doesn’t love football.

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That is what i have been saying – I don’t want to trade back below 12. I agree that it falls off after that. But I do think there’s another cluster around 13-25 or so. So to me if you’re trading out of the top 12, you may as well go down to about 20 - 25, but it would have to be a mighty good offer. I’m not crazy about where New England (15) is picking unless one of the top 12 fall. (Of course we won’t know that when we need to pick or trade, so I’d rather not gamble).

Does too.

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brilliant! It goes on ad infinitum without typing over and over!

It’s like the Last One To Post threads from the past…except not.

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I think Sewell, Parsons, and Pitts are the test tube prospects in the draft.

Smiths weight
Chase speed
Waddles size
Slaters Arms

  • every other guy has a deficiency physically or poor production-See Kwitty.

Once you get past the “freaks” and the QBs it’s all about need and opportunity.

IE- Barmore or Nixon next to Brockers could be a 6/8 sack monster. However if they were coming in expected to be “the guy” on the DL, probably not.

Jamin Green or Moses next to Collins could be nice too