People are coming to Detroit voluntarily

I just want to point out that we’ve seen quite the influx of talent coming TO Detroit this offseason, for once. Holmes, Dorsey, Agnew in the Front Office… guys like Duce, Glenn and Lynn turning down other opportunities to come coach the Lions. I’m not sure whether it says more about the coaches wanting to work with MCDC or whether the ownership is just willing to outbid other teams - either way I don’t really care. I’m just a little shocked at all the coaching and front office talent choosing Detroit over other franchises. I’m hopeful that with some forward thinking analytics, talented scouting, and culture… the team can build something sustainable. Otherwise even if you hit a lottery ticket with a draft pick, you end up wasting it because you don’t know what to do with it. Very similar to the incredibly high rate of lotto winners who go broke - hitting the lotto is only half the equation. You also need to know what to do with the ticket if you actually get a winner.


It helps to have a brand new head coach with a six-year contract. If you’re assistant coach, that means you’re likely to be around for awhile.


It says a lot about the HC, in my opinion.
Or Spielman.
Or both.

Either way, it’s a good look. Actually, it’s quite refreshing after the horrific amount of criticism we drew last week by twitter twerps in the media.


Unless those guys are suiting up on Sunday we’re going to need people who are players that feel the same way.


It’s been a very positive sign to see us adding qualified coaches and front office staff that other teams actually had interest in.

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That’s very true. I think that may need an off-season to come to fruition tho. I doubt the FO is going to be spending much money this off-season. Regardless of whether players are open to coming or not.

Even still this FO strikes me as the draft and development type. I get the vibe that the days of giving Trey Flowers 90 million dollars might be over.

Wood should be fired over that contract as well as Vaitai’s. That staff was never going to make it thru last season, I think everyone here knew that, hell, Quinn and Patricia knew it. How could they not? To allow a contract like that for a marginal player for a staff that was on their way out, Wood should have been fired with the rest of them.

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Man you are negative brother!

It starts at the top with Shiela and work down … just as they said …

Players want good leadership: they’re going to get it

I’m never going to stick up for Rod Wood, but if the Ford family believes giving Quinntricia another year - and clearly they did - then they needed to give them what they wanted to be successful. I’m not a fan of Wood but I can’t fault him for that.

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Don’t forget are OL coach is staying an was interviewed or asked t interview by at least two teams.


Excellent point Yote

That is the situation the Eagles were in, and the owner said it prior to Chip’s last season. He said if you keep the guy, you have to give him what he thinks he needs to succeed. You can’t keep a guy and tie his hands at the same time.


My point exactly. If you are giving someone the keys to the car, you gotta let him drive. If he crashes you fix the car and get a new driver

I don’t like Rod Wood but if he handled my money I probably would. I tend to like people that make me money despite how insufferable some of them are.

But yes, it is nice to have a really talented staff coming on board. The Dorsey hire is HUGE for me.


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I think an front office that cultivates a positive atmosphere helps to elevate the player talent you have, as well as the level of those who want to come here, if they have a choice. To some degree, if players want to play for the leadership, that will show on the field. For too many years, Detroit has been where careers have come to die (at worst) or be stagnant (at best), while they collect an overpriced check as a free agent. Hope these folks “wanting” to come here will get the organization steered in a better direction.

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I gotta think Sheila is not like her parents and maybe the Spielman hire was a genius move cus they got something going on.
We have to hope it works out.


Seems like the Staff has a bunch of former NFL players on it, I think this works out well for relating, teaching, and development. These guys are no longer working for a slob, they are learning under guys that have done it before.


It will definitely show up in the offseason. Just being a perennial loser means you’re already going to have to pay a premium to sign any free agent. But when, in addition to losing, you have a toxic coaching staff and culture? You end up with castoffs from your coach’s previous team and players with no other offers, because those are literally the only guys you can get to come here.

I do think that just having an organization that feels more “fun” to be part of really will make a difference.

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This is like a stock capitulation only the word is out that the Fords have finally capitulated and got their fingers out of it and admitted they don’t know Jack shit about what their doing after 63 years