Perfect Storm is Brewing

Trade with Miami and both Tua and Justin H. are sitting there at #5 for another potential trade down. Tomorrow cannot get here fast enough.

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I don’t care if it’s:

Jimmy Johnson Chart:

No. 3 for Nos. 5 & 39.
Nos. 3 & 109 for Nos. 5, 56 & 70.

New 2020 Chart:

Nos. 3 & 85 for Nos. 5, 56 & 70.
Nos. 3 & 85 for Nos. 5, 39 & 173.

Any trade that nets the Lions an extra 2d Rd pick is a good thing.


Larry the Cable guy - get er done


They want teams to think there trading up for a tackle so teams dont jump them for a QB.


Agreed. Ether of these outcomes would be a good thing for the Lions.

I can see it …If OT’s fly off the board and 3 QB’s go top 10 .

Players like Okudah , Simmons, Jeudy, Lamb , Ruggs non trench guys will fall some…

Chris Burke


Bob Quinn hinted at something like this back at the combine. “If I do get calls, it might not be for a quarterback.”

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Interesting. I’ve been suspecting this as well.

I previously mentioned that the Lions have a better chance trading down with someone who wants an OT than a QB this year. I think the Lions might be considering OT’s as well at #3.

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This would explain the noises the Giants (who need and want an OT), have made about trading down–potential poison pill if the Lions are automatically expecting Okudah to be there at No. 5. Thus, this late rise of Derrick Brown.

trade back with Jags for Yannick and #9 for #3 And next years 6

Michael Lombardi


The Dolphins want to get ahead of the Giants, not for Tua, but for the best tackle. That’s real.


Justin Rogers


The interesting thing about the rumor/report the Dolphins want to trade up for an OT implies they feel the need to jump the Giants, also in the market for the position, and both teams are led by former Patriots assistants. Not surprising there’s a potential evaluation overlap.

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Julie Donaldson :heavy_check_mark: @JDonaldsonNBCS

I am hearing from multiple sources Miami is looking to move up to #3. Specultion suggest it could be for OT, maybe Andrew Thomas out of Georgia. Then Jeff Okudah from Ohio State goes to Detroit at 5, and Tua Tagovailoa to Chargers. #NFLDraft

I think Brown is a real possibility and always has been …not a rise at all , it’s just not sexy . I want Okudah but Brown has to be in major consideration for many teams top 10

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People (Quinn included) need to get out of their mind that the Lions have to get an extra 1st or else forget it. Getting an extra 2nd in a deep draft and still getting their guy at 5 or 6 is a big win, I’d even take the Dolphins later 2nd (#56?).

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You want to win the draft? You want to make a statement? Trade down to 5 or 6 for a QB.


No offense, but Ian Rapoport has covered ALL bases now.

Sources: If you say every single person in the draft, could be taken at any spot in the draft, and that every team may trade up or trade down, you cannot be wrong.

Dude and his sources. Give it a break, Ian. Being right 5% of the time isn’t that great.


Jeff Risdon thinks it will be even less, but I’d also take No. 56 all by itself to move down two spots.

I think any trade back from No. 3 will not net the Lions more than one extra third-round pick

Quinn has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to move back too far, which means no more than 3-4 spots at most. Those teams won’t have to give up more than a third-round pick to make the value exchange work. Quinn and the Lions will ask for more, but you can’t always get what you want…

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I could agree …only if that QB was Herbert .

Tua is a total waste and gamble that removes the value of selecting a franchise QB that could be a 10-15 year player this low in the Draft …Tua a QB that has a mental red flag evident by his (13/19) Wonderlic and a QB that projects to a short career or one that will be riddled with injuries and missed games or one that never truly gets off the ground.



Have to think if Miami is sniffing for a trade up its for a QB. Rule of thumb has generally been in a QB heavy draft you wind up giving up an extra first. If its not considered a great group the price is usually much less. SF added two 3s and a 4 in the Trubisky trade when they

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Aaron Schatz


The idea that the Dolphins are going to trade significant draft capital to move up two spots to take an OT seems absurd. What are the odds that the OT you have graded first is really better than the OT you have graded second? 52% maybe?

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