Perhaps why JAMO was brought along slowly

I recommend listening to this podcast by the lions beat writers. The talk about Ben Johnson, JAMO, to take qb or not take a qb. It shares some good insights. Now that someone has gone on record I can say what they say about JAMO is 100% accurate and why he was slow to come around. Lions are not necessarily worried about him but they weren’t expecting some of the hiccups that come along w JAMO.

What I’ve heard and the podcast confirms on record to some degree….

  1. he doesn’t practice well at all. Practices at half speed. This is contributing to his lack of connection with Goff and timing.
  2. guys like Raymond are out working him in practice so they aren’t about to play him over Raymond right now.
  3. he runs poor routes.
  4. “has never had to work for it, has always been the best”
  5. lions are currently figuring out how to push his buttons and motivate him. Hoping he has a BIG offseason.

Overall nothing to really worry about but but insight into what was happening w JAMO and why the timing was off and why he was being brought along slowly.

The JAmo talk is around the 25 minute mark. No


Less than ideal, but he’s young and there’s good people around him. Hopefully he recognizes the opportunity he has for what it is.


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On gameday he makes defenders look like they are going half speed.


Good stuff! Thanks for the insight. That’s kind of the vibe I got from him just by watching is he’s a supremely talented immature kid and hopefully the light goes on


Makes a lot of sense… he needs to mature. He has all the talent in the world. But he dropped a lot of passes, or didn’t run the right routes. Yes him and Goff weren’t in sync… that being said, I think there’s a lot of truth to him being a very unpolished receiver thinking he can get by on his speed…

Kyle meinke was one of the first on this saying dropped a lot of balls in practice, didn’t look ready in warm up, etc. For as much was made of him always carrying a football and being in tuned during practice he missed a lot of time and didn’t have to go through what the other WRs did, and quite frankly he doesn’t know what he has to do to be a WR like St Brown or Raymond. Kid has growing up to do. And Holmes said it in his presser, he can be as great as he wants to be but it’s on him to put in the work.

Dude has incredibly exceptional skill but he needs to learn to be a pro.


He does… and I always wondered if he ever went full speed on his big plays… kid is fast.

But he’s a kid and he needs to get on the St. Brown training regimen if he wants to be what we all think he can be.

I think he was a great pick but a risky pick and we are gonna see what his mentality and intestinal fortitude is in 23.


He’s 21, and couldn’t play football for 10 months so no concerns from me yet. Now, if he’s not busting his ass in the offseason and not working out with Goff all the time like St. Brown did last year, then I’d feel a little different.


I hope they hold him to the same standard as everyone else. Even if that limits his play time. Having an entitled guy who you start anyway goes against the entire culture that has been built. Give him plays and keep working on developing him.

This also means re-signing Chark is a bigger need than many of us thought. We need to keep guys that can challenge him for playing time and set an example.


I think St Brown is the leader of that group and if any of them are not working at the level st Brown does, there’s an issue. I think Chark, Raymond, and reynolds are all on that level of work. Jamo needs to get on that same track


Hopefully Matthew gives him a call and says “if you aren’t gonna represent #9 properly then give it back”


Well said and yeah, he is not getting the starting WR position given to him.


If a kid is immature and not practicing well, that is not “brought along slowly” that is “coming along slowly”.

Holmes paid a LOT to get an immature, talented player coming off injury that produced next to nothing in year 1.

Risky and expensive. Jamo better get his behind in gear.


One thing I noticed was Jamo was trying really hard in run blocking situations, so that’s encouraging. Shit that one block he had on Jackson’s TD run was a thing of beauty. So, it’s in there if we can get it out of him.


See, this actually has me concerned some. I thought they had a “no turd” philosophy now, and part of not being a turd is being mature and doing the right things all the time, not just flipping the switch for game time. It’s even more frustrating to hear about if you are going to be all huffy about things on the sideline, while knowing that you didnt put in the same work as the other guys during practice.

Hopefully it’s all being overblown and he does what he needs to do over the offseason and comes to OTA’s with a purpose.


So there is a strong rumor he left OSU bc he didn’t outwork guys he was more talented then……but I guess the team is committed to it. If you piece it all together the things some of you posted like @LineBusy and BJ’s press conference and MCDC talking about him…this podcast etc…it all makes sense. Don’t think it will be an issue but it is something to keep an eye on.


I shared this almost a month ago.

Questions about his work ethic are real from what I’ve heard. Which is shocking to me. Coming from Bama you’d think Saban wouldn’t tolerate it… he’s extremely talented so let’s hope a full offseason will make things click for him.


It does kinda make some sense, you’re right. I remember Goff shaking his head after one of the throws to Jamo. The kid has juice, but shit a lot of WR’s are divas at heart. Hopefully he’s just immature and St. Brown and the boys will whip his ass into a killer before long.


I mean he wasn’t insanely more talented than Garrett Wilson and JSN, but since he wasn’t more talented you’d think it would encourage him to attempt to outwork those guys for playing time.

One thing about Brian Hartline that I think is so great is he hasn’t really had any issues retaining his good players. He brings in an insane amount of talent to that WR room and yet we don’t see guys transferring out. 5 stars like Egbuka, Fleming (who’s dealt with a lot of injuries), guys like Caleb Burton, and even incoming freshman like Brandon Iniss and Carnell Tate know that they’re going to have to wait their turn and compete with the other guys for playing time, but they do it anyway. Jameson was really the only starting level WR that’s transferred out since Brian Hartline really kicked it into gear on the recruiting trail (no offense to Mookie Cooper).

I really hope he learns how to work to be great at this level. He’s surrounded by guys that do it. If he doesn’t figure this out then it’s clearly on him, because he watches it every day and is coached by guys that get it.

This seems to be a first for a Brad Holmes draft pick. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend.


Yup! This is what @QBHATER90 has been telling me since 4 or 6 weeks, or so ago?

I hate it & didn’t want to believe it (of course)… but you can see it in his energy.
His tantrum on the sideline is the first time I saw it for myself.

I really wish I could work with him, for real.