Perriman headed to Shitcago

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Good so the Bears get to pay a portion of his salary.


He’s racking up the frequent flyer miles.

Another sweet move by Ryan Pace.

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They want intell - that is all

I put the over/under at 7.5 games played for the Bears before his release. 6 teams in 6 years is no fluke.

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Hoping we can chalk this gaffe up to Holmes’ early FA inexperience and not repeat similar moves in the future. You gotta hand it to the man- he didn’t try to save face when it was time to cut this perpetual underachiever. But $2M fully guaranteed wasn’t the wisest move. Here’s betting Brad is a quick learner.

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another WR available if we don’t claim OBJ… :face_with_thermometer:

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Huge Surprise. Perriman has now played for 6 different teams in his short career.

technically speaking… he has still “played” for 4 teams.

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Haha fair point. Ok, he’s signed a contract with 6 different teams and practiced with them before being cut. You don’t see too many first round picks have such a magnificent career.

Yeah, but how many has he caught passes for?

He will have his best game ever on Thanksgiving.

on his couch??

Just read it wrong.