Personal situation

Touching post! Thank you for sharing.

I have three kiddos myself, and one of them is a four year old girl. I am so glad to hear she is improving, and hope and pray it continues!!

The only advice I will offer is to focus on what you can control. In many cases, all we can control is our responses to the stress of what’s happening. To be there for your family, and keep as upbeat as you can would be an amazing gift for all. Good luck, and keep the updates coming!

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Made it to the hospital after a 2 and a half hour drive to see my little girl no longer on her oxygen mask and them discussing the potential of her going home today. It has been an awful 24 hrs but i appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. My little girl is going to be okay and that is truly all that matters.


Great news

Prayers to you man. God is the Great Physician!

I know how terrifying that is, brother. We didn’t know my daughter has asthma until she wound up in the hospital with her first asthma attack. They’ll give your baby O2 and some meds to help get her levels back up. Once they’ve gotten her stabilized, then they can work on figuring out what she needs longer term. My daughter uses a daily inhaler and doesn’t go anywhere without her rescue inhaler. It’s all scary as a parent but your daughter is in good hands.

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fantastic news…treasure every moment.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one. Stay strong and know this board will be here if you need help or support. Lots of good people here.

That is wonderful news!! Thank you for the update! We will keep the prayers coming for the recovery process…

What wonderful news. Sorry that you and your family had to go through this. Give her a Den hug from all of us.

We are officially home, i cant express enough how grateful i am for all the well wishes and prayers.


that’s great news! Happy for you and your girl.

This made me think back to giving my step-son nebulizer treatments in the car on the way to hockey games. He had asthma when younger… hospitalized once…. so we were always teying to stay ahead of it. He once played a tournament with pneumonia as well, and scored a goal after the nebulizer treatments on the way to the game. Kids are resilient little creatures!

Awesome. Give her a hug from all your Den mates. Hopefully you are able to relax now and enjoy the game.

Thrilled for you, your wife and daughter.

I put this in the game thread but really it is more this, perspective…

Its only game two and we will lose games, hopefully they can be healthier or dodge some serious injuries and figure it out next week.

■■■■■■■ hate seattle and again the lions ■■■■■■ themselves, but this team hasnt had their story written based on this game or the chiefs game.

Have fun doing the what ifs and SOL garbage, i will be back next week. Cant stand how we all get when we lose and blame it on some fictional curse just because its the nfl and our ownership has historically been garbage.

Enjoy your week all and dont let this ruin it for you.

With all i have been through in the last few days i just dont have the energy for this shit.