Pete Carroll Presser

Not a lot here, but he respects Dan:


Thanks for posting, but didn’t really get anything out of it. Maybe a few of the more astute people here could elaborate, if he said anything interesting.

Carroll is definitely showing a lot of respect for DC, JG, the offense, and the team in terms of how they operate with DC’s personality. I think he knows he’s up for a tough fight. He also mentioned, ‘ he’s just hoping that his new back up tackles can make it through the week, and doesn’t want to really talk about Sunday yet’

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It’s almost impossible to dislike and disrespect Dan Campbell.

He is confident without being arrogant. He doesn’t put other people or opponents down. He doesn’t play dirty.

And while he came into the job perceived to be a meathead type coach, he has proven he’s a lot smarter than that persona seems to indicate. And has said he’s happy that people underestimate his intelligence. So what’s not to like about the guy? You know you’d love it if he was who you had to follow into battle.


look I like everyone on this staff-they have shined day in and day out in different ways to—I could never say that from 2009 through to had Fat Pat . love our staff now !

Yea lots of respect for our Lions from Pete there. Nice to see it for a change.

Normally the nice things said about the Lions before games was just that, being nice and respectful but not really meaning most of it.
NOW - they mean it and are just hoping to get the win lol

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I think he embraces that. The guy played one of the hardest positions to play in the nfl for 10 years. He aint no meathead, but he likes people to think he is.

He is what i like to call a leader of men…i love it