Pete Carroll weighs in on Lions end of game strategy

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Pete’s a traditionalist as Greg Olson more or less mentioned on the broadcast regarding the 4th down that the ended up going for.

Yeah consider the first TD we scored. It was a 30 yard rope from the 22

Blindly chucking the ball at the endzone sounds stupid. But I guess that is what people wanted?

Pretty sure St Brown was out for that series and I’m sure that weighed on DC thinking. Not to mention we already had two terrible turnovers in the second half.

Montgomery out had alot to do with the conservative play calling on the final drive.

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A power running back being out made our play-calling more conservative?..can you explain please.


Conservative can work if you feel you can run it for first downs. They slow rolled it with him out and played for the tie. If montgomery was in they still run but play it faster and can play off that for shots at end zone.

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The lack of urgency I think also hurt the execution from the players. Those kids were ready to win it and intentionally running down the clock slowed them down as well

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