Peter King has Sewell to the Lions in his mock draft & why that might be a good thing

A minor screed about receivers. Not saying it’ll happen with three big stars this year, but NFL teams over-draft wideouts. Badly. In a year when three wide receivers could go in the top 10 (last time that happened: Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross going 5-7-9 in 2017, and boy did that not age well), I bring you information that should show that in the age of deep receivers drafts, you’re fine waiting for one. In the last five drafts, 17 wideouts have gone in first rounds, with 26 second-rounders. Breaking it down by production in an average season shows second-rounders have been close to the production level of the top picks.

Average season of all 1st-round wide receivers drafted since 2016: 42.3 receptions, 600.5 yards, 14.2 yards per catch.

Average season of all 2nd-round wide receivers drafted since 2016: 42.5 receptions, 538.7 yards, 12.7 yards per catch.

Pretty close. My top three wideouts taken in round one since 2016: Justin Jefferson, Calvin Ridley, CeeDee Lamb. Top three second-rounders since 2017: Michael Thomas, D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown. Six very good players right there. My feeling is the second-rounders, in total, are better. I’m not trying to say any of the top receivers won’t be good pros, although history says at least one won’t be. I’m trying to say when Metcalf goes 64 and JuJu Smith-Schuster 62, Tyler Boyd 55, and Michael Thomas 47, maybe the conversation in the draft room should be: We’ll get a good one in round two or three. Let’s solve bigger problems elsewhere early.


I would love a dominant Oline thank you. Receivers and defense the rest of the way!


I’ve shared these charts before, explaining why I don’t want a receiver in the 1st (and certainly not in the top 10).


K Toney & T Wallace are my two favorites who would make more sense later.


I love E Moore, I really really like T Marshall, i Ike Toney and Wallace quite a bit, but am still perplexed by Toney being literally non-existent his first 3 years.

Those four plus Nico Collins are all guys I’m looking at rounds 2 and 3. Wouldn’t mind grabbing two off that list.

Apparently he’s likely to slide some on account of some medical red flag. Not sure of the specifics.

Concerns re Terrance Marshall

  • Concentration issues – dropped 7 of 55 catchable balls.
  • At times, Marshall looked disinterested on run plays and pass plays not designed for him during LSU’s disappointing 2020 season. [Doesn’t sound like a Dan Campbell type of guy]
  • Wasn’t a productive receiver until his junior season.
  • While his athletic profile is excellent, there is no defining athletic trait here: Marshall isn’t the fastest, most explosive, etc.
  • Injury history: Missed time both in high school and at the collegiate level.

Concerns re Rashod Bateman

  • Smaller than advertised on the team’s official site and than expected at just 6-foot and 190 pounds.
  • Not the most physical or tough receiver when asked to make plays that could often result in taking big hits over the middle and in most contested-catch situations.
  • Struggles with concentration-based drops (more on that below in advanced stats). Important to not be mistaken for hands-based drop issues – he is not a body catcher.
  • Doesn’t possess a large catch radius, which could make him a subpar option for any team inside the red zone.
  • Didn’t show much as a blocker on run plays.

Could just be smoke

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That would be a good thing.
For years ( or even decades ) the Lions seem to always lean towards skill positions and forget about line play. That’s why for years ( or even decades ) the Lions were one of the worst teams when it was 3rd and short on either side of the ball.
Look at most Super Bowl teams. 3rd and one - we’ll get that yard with a run 95 percent of the time.
The Lions need everything. Start with either an o-lineman or a quality defensive play (LB or lineman)
Sporting News or some similar name group is listing the Lions taking the QB from North Dakota.
Say it ain’t so Joe
Say it ain’t so

Hartings, Gibson, Mcdougle, Backus, Reiff, Cherilous, Tomlinson, Decker, Ragnow… all 1st round picks. Not sure I’d say the Lions have been ignoring the OL.


It cracks me up whenever I see someone say we take too many skill players and ignore the line.


FAs too - crazy mistakes, but not lack of effort.
Warford was my fav OL we’ve had in a long time.

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Yeah. History also told us that running out of the back of the endzone is a bad thing.


Personally I want these scenarios…

  1. Fields, then BPA

  2. Sewell, then Toney (wouldn’t mind trading up for him)

  3. Smith, then front 7 (Jamin Davis?)

But we missed on everything else too. Almost. Throw LBer in there.

The last time I recall a solid offensive line where the Lions were really good on short yardage was when Billy Sims was RB.
Detroit has had a lot of good receivers and a great back in Barry Saunders but they never had an o-line like they had in Dallas or Washington when they won the super bowl(s).

So overall I’d say they have ignored the O-line because it was never good enough.
Today you have two solid O-linemen who took time to get their current status, but why not add another possible 10 year starter in Sewell. Become dominate in the trenches. It would be a nice change.


Just a reminder of what you wrote. Have a good night.

I remember when we drafted Gosder.
Then later, we drafted Decker and Ragnow.

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