Peter King: Lions got "jobbed" in the NFL Schedule


Could that be because Detroit has been hit hard by the Vid? So they are doing their best to avoid having to cancel or move games played in Detroit?


That’s an interesting theory. My assumption (and it’s just speculation) is that the schedule is like 90% computer generated and then tweaked for maximum drama. That can be the obvious–like we want to see the Bears and Packers playing outside in December in crappy weather. But it’s also about stars and personalities and storylines. You know, good TV.

Like, if the Bucs were playing the Pats this year, that game would DEFINITELY be in Foxborough, because it’s a lot sexier TV to watch Tom Brady have to return to his home stadium wearing a different uniform than to watch the Pats come down to play in Tampa. And oh look, Bucs travel to Pats in 2021…

IMO, part of the reason the Lions often get hosed in scheduling (in addition to often sucking, of course) is that there are so few juicy storylines on this team. Few big personalities in general, very little to move the needle here. So you end up with very few times where there’s any buzz about an upcoming matchup, and general indifference about where and when the Lions play. Which means that if some team has to get the short end of the stick when the schedule is being tweaked for maximum drama, the Lions are likely to be near the top of that list.

If that was the case, the schedule probably would read the first four games were against the opposite conference. So if games had to cancelled, these wouldn’t effect playoffs and divisional races.

Look at the cities hit hardest…NY, Chicago, Detroit, all have just 2 or 3 home games in September and October.

What I don’t get is the Lions screw job on the bye week again. It is really that hard just rotate when bye weeks happen?

NFL would never cancel, just move the games to the end of the season…really wouldn’t hurt the NFL if they moved the season back a month or two, people will still watch.

Clown coach wears a clown-show t-shirt mocking Goodell - surprise, surprise, the NFL front office hasn’t forgotten.

Just one more reason I was against the Fatricia hiring.

If our owners were smart, they would do things like buy a party bus, and make it available to the head of NFL referees.

Let me ask this: Last time someone clowned you, how soon did you forget?

I wonder how many people on this board that call Matt Patricia a…fat fuck, fat ass, Fatricia, etc…are actually of the rotund variety themselves. Because I think the lowest form of insult is to insult someone based on physical appearance.


As stated in another thread, I see a 2-6 first half on the way.

The question will become whether garbage-time victories at the end of the schedule when the pressure is off will sway any of the weak-minded into wanting to stick with this demonstrative failure.

The same kind of mentality that brought us, "But we were in the lead almost every game! " as an attempt at citing a positive.

I could stand to lose 15 lbs, but that’s way different that being a tubby pile of bitch tits while having access to pro-level exercise facilities and lecturing others about professional discipline and posture.

If he were simply not an asshole, he wouldn’t get near as much crap. Being competent at his job would help, too.

Until he starts winning, be prepared to continue to hear his appearance compared to that of a homeless beluga whale.

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I can also see us going from 2-6 to 9-7

We go 7-1 last 8, go 9-7, regardless of making playoffs, I think they stay coaxing staff wise

Goldenlions - If your comment is directed at me, I’m 6-3, 195 lbs. I enjoy running, cycling, and Duathlons. I eat a balanced diet, which includes red meat and beer.
There are lot’s of big, athletic dudes around here, and my guess is most could care less about a comment directed at the coach. If you took it personally … you shouldn’t have.

I do find Patricia annoying. He seems to have an unwarranted sense of football superiority due to riding the coattails of Bill B and Tom B. So yes, I find his condescension towards certain players off-putting.

He also uses the term “men” at the beginning and ending of most sentences, and he constantly repeats canned phrases.

He makes me miss Caldwell. I know Caldwell was famous for the blank stare during the game, but the players respected him, and played hard for him. Yes, it was important to have excellent coordinators with Jim as head coach, but you could say the same about several other coaches.

Have you ever thought that maybe things have been to ‘chill’ around here? Have you ever thought that maybe the guys they got rid of are just whining millionaires crying about hurt feelings? I can’t wait til the Lions win the division this year and expose all the trolls on this board. Quinn has given Patricia an amazing locker room, let’s see what he can do when he doesn’t have babies crying in the background.

We need to overhaul this losing culture and demand accountability!*

*NOTE: Applies only to players. Coaches get 3-5 years’ worth of excuses.


The coaches and team have to prove they can win a division first…everything else is speculative at best.
until they do.

Agree 100%

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[quote=“thunderbuzzworth, post:12, topic:5432”]
I know Caldwell was famous for the blank stare during the game, but the players respected him, and played hard for him.

Mostly in the 4th quarter or with hardly any time on the clock. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well Stafford was more to be heralded for W’s than Caldwell was. It was Stafford with all those come from behind wins . I got sick of Grimmace standing on the sideline like a damn mannequin. And Caldwell made mistake after mistake ….IMO Stafford kept Jim in there longer than he deserved.

Caldwell was clueless. He won in Indy because of Manning, Detroit because of Stafford and to a lesser extent Calvin.

I take that back, not to a lesser extent. He won because he had Stafford and Calvin.