PFF best and worst for Lions this week

Barnes and Onwuzurike in the bottom yet again. Not good, especially for Levi considering he was a high 2nd-round pick.

The DL remains, to me, the biggest disappointment this year. Two high draft picks, trade for Brockers, etc., and they get shredded in the running game while putting little pressure on opposing QBs.


Love seeing Sewell balling out. I know Micah Parsons is talked about a lot, and the thought of getting him as a PSU fan was exciting to me. But you can’t pass on Sewell.

Amani O has been my favorite surprise this year. He’s been legit. He can cover some of the best. Plus, he tends to generate turnovers.

Craig Reynolds was a pleasant surprise. I’d really like to see him getting some more carries going forward. I like Iggy too, but that dude can’t hold onto the football


I’m good with it. They’re rooks. Keep playing them, see if they learn for next year.

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Barnes gets dinged again - why are people questioning his snap counts? The dude just isn’t very good right now. Not the end of the world, the book isnt written, but you certainly can’t move forward just assuming him being a building block starter. Maybe he develops into one, but he’s nothing more than depth right now.


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Sewell was a home run of a draft pick.

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It is interesting to think about when you look at the position coaches and what position groups have done well despite all the injuries and which ones have not.

Secondary - Pleasant
OL - Fraley
RB - Staley

Maybe a bit of a wash on the LBs right now and Deleone. But compared to

WR - randle-el
DL - wash

Doesn’t paint the whole picture but the play of UDFAs and improvement in some position groups particularly the secondary and OL makes me hope we hang onto those coaches for sure

Levi Oh no

Correct on Barnes. This also applies to McNeil and Levi O.

They still have potential to improve, but have been pretty bad this year. I mean, not good at all.

If this team wants to win, they have to have to be honest with themselves with how weak the D-line and LB’s have been.

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Listening to Campbell’s pressor today, he wasn’t letting anyone off the hook but certainly sounded like Levi may have been one of the flu victims…not sure but time will tell on pic.

He had been playing better recently still way too inconsistent but have to start somewhere

Expanding on this since a new post would be partly redundant:

Top 5 Defense:
CJ Moore 70.4 (In for COVID T Walker)
C Harris 68.3
Amani O 64.9
Will Harris 62.6
J Woods 62.5 (13 tackles)

Bottom 5 Defense
D Barnes 25.7 (Sorry Cap)
Levi O 29.9
R Berry 33.2
J Lemonier 35.3
A Anzalone 40.7

Top 5 Offense
P Sewell 91.0
C Reynolds 84.0
T Decker 77.2
H Vaitai 76.2
Amon Ra 71.9

Bottom 5 Offense
R McCollum 55.0 (Center)
J Goff 55.2
S Zylstra 56.0
Godwin I 56.6
B Wright 59.0

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