PFF: Buyer Beware for teams picking up Matthew Stafford banking on extraordinary QB play

From the article, most of which is behind a paywall:

Stafford has intrigued NFL front offices his entire career, moving from the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft to the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback. After a highly efficient but shortened 2019 campaign, NFL evaluators surveyed by The Athletic’s Mike Sando ranked Stafford ninth among franchise quarterbacks entering the 2020 season, above former MVP Matt Ryan, rising star Dak Prescott and potential Hall of Famer Philip Rivers.

The questions on Stafford have never been about a lack of respect in the league, but rather if the perception matches reality.

In the 10 seasons in which Stafford has logged at least 300 dropbacks, only three times has he ranked within the top 10 quarterbacks in PFF passing grade. He’s never ranked higher than sixth.

More often than not, Stafford has been solidly in the QB8-QB16 range, whether looking at grades or efficiency as measured by expected points added (EPA) per play.


Furthering my belief that Detroit gets no more than a 1st rounder for him, and I personally expect only a 2nd.

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And they will still get a 1st for him and probably a 3rd as well or a 2nd next year!

This article means nothing in the NFL circles!


“Coach-killer.” “Perception-reality gap.”

JRLIONS, your thoughts?

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people look at Stafford only by what he did/didn’t do here while The Lions were ran by morons the Owners hired.
Great big Blue Glasses. They don’t stop to think WTF Matt POSSIBLY could-be on a team with THEIR shit together already.

The Lions NEVER had their shit together and floundered for decades…Matt lands on a team with it’s stuff together and he will destroy anything he did here , just has to be the right team and Stafford will do very well.

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I can help.

“Kevin Cole is an idiot and so is anyone that thinks Stafford is anything less than Marino, Favre or Elway”

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Stafford is the 2nd best QB in the market as of now and a whole bunch of teams have QB needs. I can almost guarantee that Stafford goes for more than a 2nd, there will be a bidding war because the buyers far outweigh the sellers.


[quote="Spiel54man, post:1, topic:8659, He’s never ranked higher than sixth.*

*More often than not, Stafford has been solidly in the QB8-QB16 range, whether looking at grades or efficiency as measured by
I feel the overwhelming majority of this board has always said and believed this.

While this is true re: PFF grades, the same is true of Matt Ryan.

Except for two spike years when he played for Kyle Shanahan.

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No reason that Stafford couldn’t look better, especially on a team with a running game, which he’s really never had, other than maybe one year with Reggie Bush. The key will be Stafford staying healthy on his future team. He’s struggled doing that 3 years in a row and that could impact is trade value more than his performance so far in his career.

I’d still bet $100 that the Lions get at least a 1st rounder for Stafford. GreggyJ you want to take that bet?

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I’ve never been dumb enough to make a bet on anything NFL related.

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You said we’d only get a second and I like free money. haha

Lol understandable.

I just couldn’t ever bet on that league. Games are rigged toward certain teams, franchises collude to drive down trade values, etc.

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This article is shit.

If you are an owner and you are wondering about how good Matt is…you look at how many points the defense allowed to color your thoughts on what Matt had to deal with here. Under Patricia the defense stunk to high hell. 32nd in points allowed in 2020, 26th in 2019, 25th in 2018, 21st in 2017, 13th in 2016 (playoff year, defense destroyed V. the Seahawks), 18th in 2015 and 3rd in 2014 with the Dallas screwing in that Wild Card game.

Next…come from behind victories. Matt Stafford is tied with John Elway for 7th all time in the NFL. With 4 more come from behind victories Matt will be tied with Big Ben for 4th/5th for all time come from behind victories.

That is the ballgame with Stafford. He is often behind and he pulls magic out of his ass time and again. Guys play hard for Matt.

That is what owners will see. They will see jersey sales and their leader who buys them time and makes them competitive right now. Matt might play for another 5+ seasons too if he is having fun and loves where he is.

It suclks he is leavign us. And for good reason. Thinking we are gonna let him walk for a second rounder is a joke.

Think about what it would take to secure Aaron Rodgers. Now lower that by a lot. And that would still be a high price to pay.

Look at what the Bucs got out of getting Brady for one season!


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Stafford will bring value as there are teams who want an experienced QB as they are close to the top unlike the Lions.
New Orleans
Just to name a few.
It’s the perfect time to trade Stafford and to promote him so they can get as much as possible in return.

Timing matters! This is a grest time to trade him as there are more teams needing a qb than qbs available.

If I was a GM interested in Stafford, I’d contact some no-name internet “expert” (through so many back door channels it could never be traced back to me) and feed him an article to hopefully decrease the compensation I’d have to pay to get the deal done. I could maybe get 1 or more other interested parties to lessen their enthusiasm.