PFF data analysts believe Lions are the best team in the NFC North


The next 2 games still go a long ways in proving this right or wrong. And there’s still that defense in Chicago that will always keep them in games and give them a chance. But I like the overall of our team better than anyone else, especially if we ever get the entire DL playing


I hate it when media starts talking good about the Lions!

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The best thing to happen to Chicago was being forced to play the better QB because the other guy got hurt.

That’s how I feel, Wes

Me too.

My Packer fan buddies are worried. I keep asking them how in the heck the Packers lost to Philly at home, and the Lions beat them in Philly.

Some are starting to admit the Lions are better than the Pack. These are the same ones that two weeks ago were ecstatic over their “best defense since the Reggie White days”.

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Yea, Packer fans have grown quite silent, even with the division lead at 3-1.

look, we have a hefty line of teams to beat yet, we haven’t reached anything yet other than a better place than many of us expected. and I know I’ve heard it said "we don’t have any tough teams after The Pack, but we still have to beat the teams in our schedule…not lose and bitch and moan, but win.
beat those opponents.