PFF grades against Seattle

PFF Grades against SEA (not in order. Nic’d from Reddit)

Goff - 80.2
Montgomery - 63.3
Gibbs - 56
Reynolds - 58.5
St. Brown - 84.9
Reynolds - 81
Raymond - 70.3
Jones - 50.8
Greene - 57.8
LaPorta - 79.3
Wright - 44.8

Sewell - 77.8
Jackson - 60.1
Ragnow - 79.1
Vaitai - 59.1
Nelson - 65.8
Glasgow - 53.4


Hutch - 63.7
Harris - 48.2
Cominsky - 49.9
Okwara - 61.9

Mcneil - 43.8
Jones - 35.3
Levi - 45.6

Dollar Store - 51.9
Barnes - 85.4
Campbell - 61.1
Rodriguez - 54.8
Houston - 30.2

Jacobs - 51.2
Sutton - 69.1
CJGJ - 67.1
Joseph - 77.7
Branch - 55.3
Walker - 67.2

We had 18 total pressures, against the Hawks - 12th most in the NFL this week.
Team tackling grade: 41.6 (2nd worst in the NFL)

Hutch leads the NFL in pressures with 13 but his tackling grade is 29.9.

Four Lions are circling the bottom of tackling grades:

Dollar Store

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Jonah’s not off to a great start in his attempts to earn a lucrative extension.


What was Jalen Carter’s grade?

Kudos to Barnes. @Cap you took a lot of shit in here and stood your ground and your boy is doing us all proud


Carter has a 90 pff through two games. I only watched a little bit of the Philly, Minny game but yeah he was definitely noticeable.

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Yeah until he does something really stupid that makes me think we were right for passing on him, I’m getting more and more irritated about it

How ironic is it that you brand yourselves ‘villains’ but pass on generational talent at your biggest need position because of character concerns

Lions are faux-villans. Comedy villians. Like Wile E Coyote. I’m just waiting for an opposing team to paint a fake tunnel on a brick wall and watch as our entire teams runs into it head first


Yikes! Lol

Regarding, Carter. Nothing he did was egregious. Not to give him a pass but kids drive cars fast and do dumb stuff sometimes. I know I did. Now if he was beating woman or robbing people. Those are bigger character concerns. If he continues to grow up. It’ll be a real bummer for Detroit on passing to draft him.

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The DL was absolute garbage yesterday and the numbers show it.

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Jared deserves a ton of credit for how in control he was at crunch time. Not once did I feel worried that he’d go full gunslinger and try and rip a hole shot only to give away a certain tie. Kudos to him for being so control and IMO having the right risk/reward disposition.

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The villains thing is now and always has been stupid.

It’s stupid.

This isn’t pro wrestling(probably), and there is no room for that childish nonsense. I have never liked it and the real key is that nicknames come from outside the organization. We all remember that kid in 4th grade that wanted everyone to start calling him Ace or whatever.

Edited to add: if you didn’t know that kid, you might have been that kid.


we beat a former Championship / Bowl-winning team and we are perfect…we get set up against a team that always has our number , run their asses into sudden death overtime --and lose it close…IT’s OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !!!

Not to toot my own horn, but those complaining about Sutton and the lack of pass rush yesterday were not quite correct according to PFF grades at least.

I saw quite a bit of pressure yesterday, at least from the outside, but our ability to finish at the QB was horrendous.

Anzalone needs to start playing better as well or Campbell should start taking his snaps.

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Let’s rip off a good win streak here sooo
Suh believes in us

Football Sport GIF by Tampa Bay Buccaneers



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I thought Sutton was fine. Jerry Jacobs on the other hand.

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Agreed, Jacobs probably played his worst career game yesterday. Hopefully he learns from this and this goes down as his worst game this season.

It doesn’t matter. We were never drafting him once his own coaches wouldn’t go to bat for him.

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Additional grades and expanded breakdowns for anyone interested.


Buggs deserves some snaps. That dline grade is horrible.


That’s why you are my tag team partner in the octagon