PFF Grades vs Vikings Week 14

Haji decrees:

Top five defense
Hutchinson – 91.5
(Not) Porn – 83.4
J Jacobs – 71.4
Cominsky – 69.9
Buggs Bunny – 69.5

Bottom five defense
Jeff Okudah – 41.3
Paschal – 50.9
McNeill – 53.7
R Okwara – 54.7
Kerby Joseph – 58.2

Top five offense
Goff – 83.8
Chark – 76.7
Justin Jackson – 74.4
Decker – 74.4
Sewell – 72.5

Bottom 5 offense
B Wright – 41.8
Jamaal Williams – 51.0
Swift – 54.9
Stenberg – 56.6
Jonah Jackson – 59.2


Was expecting a bad score for okudah considering he was battling illness, a little surprised by the mcneill score. Didnt stand out as bad to me… did they combine ao with okudah for that grade though? Where the hell is mr reliable?


I might be out of the loop, but Dollar Store?


Anzalone, dollar store thor


Dollar Store Thor
AKA ‘Not Porn’
AKA ‘Anal Zone’


That’s preferable to the other nickname

I hate how PFF seems to only reward splash plays. Goff had a good game but I don’t think this was his best. The toughest games are those where the coverage it tight all game, it’s cold outside, there’s pressure in your face, and you need to grind out 5 to 10 yard completions. Goff has had a couple of those games where I thought he played fantastic but it was not rewarded with a corresponding score. I thought PFF was supposed to be independent of those kind of factors.

I know they are trying to be objective with this stuff their numbers don’t jive either with game outcomes or my view of the success relative to the degree of difficulty. Right now the only real correlation I see is how easy a game the QB had.

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Dollar Store might need a new nickname if he keeps playing this well. When you hold Cook to 1.5 yards per carry, you know the middle linebacker had a good game.


Maybe just drop the Not and let him be “Porn”


TFLs: The Lions held Minnesota to just 22 rushing yards. Detroit’s defense consistently played on Minnesota’s side of the line of scrimmage all day in the run game. Detroit racked up seven tackles for loss in that contest, as follows: Hutchinson (2), cornerback Mike Hughes (2), cornerback Jerry Jacobs (1), linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez (1), linebacker James Houston (1). – Tim Twentyman

Glue guys: Defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs had a sack, a forced fumble and three QB hits against the Vikings Sunday. Defensive lineman John Cominsky continues to do all the dirty work to free up teammates, and he had a few good pressures and a couple QB hits Sunday. Wide receiver Kalif Raymond had a key third-down catch in the second half and set up the Chark TD with a 35-yard punt return.

I like to refer to these players as glue guys. Not the stars, and every good team needs stars, but the guys who continually make plays and are so vitally important to every roster in the NFL. – Tim Twentyman

Message from Dan Orlovsky: “Win this weekend, man.” It means the Lions need to beat the Jets on Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. Dan O and others were very complimentary of the Lions on the ESPN morning “Get Up” show. – Mike O’Hara

One and out: That’s a shortened version of a three and out, and it’s much better. The Lions had two of them Sunday – one- and two-play possessions that were 41-yard and 48-yard TD passes from quarterback Jared Goff to wide receivers Jameson Williams and DJ Chark. – Mike O’Hara

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How about Fabio!!

Fabio Late Night With Conan Obrien GIF by Team Coco

Alex Anzalone Football GIF by Detroit Lions


I am not sure why the Lions are not playing Skipper at guard. Eye test says he is serviceable. Jamaal Williams also slowly getting phased out of the offense. He has not been effective. Hutch is such a stud. Gotta love Jerry Jacobs also what a competitor!


Yea the guy is terrible. 800 yards rushing and 14 TD’s. Anyone could do that.


Maybe I was just so caught up in the game without noticing every individual but…Romeo Okwara played? I didn’t notice him on the field once, maybe that explains his low PFF grade.

There’s always a few PFF grades that confuse the hell out of me but I have to say that these are almost a perfectly accurate depiction based on what I saw.


I didn’t notice Romeo either, I was looking for him at first then got wrapped up in the game too and forgot.

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Teams have to focus on something and stopping the run game is sometimes that focus. Should the Vikings phase out Dalvin Cook because he only got 23 yards in 15 carries?




I mean at least this troll is consistent lol

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Aidan Hutchinson: 59 (91%) — 4 (14%)
John Cominsky: 54 (83%) — 4 (14%)
Romeo Okwara: 25 (38%) — 3 (10%)
James Houston: 21 (32%) — 10 (34%)
Josh Paschal: 15 (23%)

In Okwara’s first game back on the field since tearing his Achilles, he registered 25 snaps as a rotational edge. He saw the field as a rush end on the open side of the formation opposite Paschal when the starters needed a break, and also contributed from the closed end spot on the outside in the Lions NASCAR package opposite Houston.

Hutchinson (7) and Houston (4) are the top two rookies in sack production across the NFL, and with each registering another sack in this game, the duo continues to separate from the pack.

Houston’s four sacks on 38 career snaps over three games is startlingly efficient.