PFF latest Mock has Lions trading twice

First the Lions trade down and get two firsts for doing so. Then they trade up? Do you like the trades and who they drafted? I don’t I’d rather have QB - Herbert and CB Trevon Diggs.

I had us taking Love with our 2nd rounder in my mock…I don’t think he’ll last that long and taking him with the extra pick in the 1st makes sense if they want to look to the future. Love does need some time so it’d be a nice fit for Detroit. He’s a vertical thrower and would fit perfectly into the scheme, he also adds mobility to the position…not on a Russell Wilson level, but very Mahomes-like.

If they’re not taking Tua outright, I love the idea of getting at least an extra first-round pick, moving down and still getting a guy they probably wanted at 3.

I have heard Love compared to Mahomes, but in my limited watching of him on those ESPN night games, I wasn’t all that impressed.


Would be fun trading up with Buffalo to snipe New England for Love. I can dig this outcome on the whole - the CB and QB with our first and second round picks ultimately.

Me either. Josh Freeman 2.0

If you’re truly looking to the future, Herbert was sitting there with your first pick.
Not going to lie, I’d hate this draft. Patty and Quin, I think, are on the hot seat and need to win now. Okudah, to me, just screams gamble. And a project QB seems like a future move. Which I would like in most cases. But the vastly superior prospect was sitting there at #5. Especially when guys like Delpit and Murray were still around at 24.

I like TD / TU. But I TD with Miami and take Okudah at 5, then use a 2 and 3 to move back up into the first for Kinlaw. Yes I then spoil us with a back, but we can fill a few holes with players in FA too.

1a. Okudah CB
1b. Kinlaw DL
2. Swift RB


That’s nuts. No way we’d do that.

Love in the first shows just how poor this QB group is. No way he should go anywhere in the first and in a normal year probably not until the 3rd. You don’t jump up because he’s better than someone behind him.

Give me Okudah and then Delpit in that scenario. I think we’ll play our third safety a ton so I’m not all that worried about Harris’ reps


Can you imagine Wilson in KC?

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I don’t know. You would think that a team that intended to play a lot of 3 safeties wouldn’t be giving away a pretty good one for a 5th round pick.

Here’s the ideal dream. Trade down to 5 and get an additional first or their 2nd then down to 9 for their 2nd and 3rd. Pick Brown at 9 then BPA with the remaining 1st or 2nd round picks. If things go right then we get 3 players with a 1st round grades and 1 with a high second round grade. Take QB Gordon in the 4th. No love for Love. Back to reality and the probable nightmare, we stay pat and get no extra picks plus we overdraft the first two players like last year:( Sad but true.

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With you on the reality. Not a huge fan (don’t hate, just meh) of Okudah. So I fully expect him as the pick at #3.
My dream (since I believe Chase Young goes #2) would be trade down to #5, get the #18 and #35 (along with next year stuff), so MIAMI can take Tua. Trade again to #7, for the #38, #69 (and more next year), so CAROLINA can get Herbert.
#7 CD Lamb. Instant offensive impact.
#18 Gross-Matos. He’s no Chase, but have somebody, other then Flowers, rush the qb for gosh sakes.
#35 JK Dobbins. Plug and play with Kerryon. I fully believe in the 2 rb system. They get to injured, to frequently.
#38 G Shane Lemieux/Oregon. Glasgow replacement. Plug and play.
#39 QB Jake Fromm. I’ve always liked this kid. He’ll sit a year or two, and I’m good with that, especially grabbing 3 day one starters already.

I know, the D won’t stop anyone. I truly believe there’s not a rookie or two who will change the D. It’s scheme related in problem. Patty has to fix the scheme first. And since that won’t happen right away, let’s try and out score everyone.
IT’S A DREAM DRAFT. I KNOW IT WON’T HAPPEN. (“This guy will never be available at that spot!”) A DREAM GUYS!

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Diggs is a JAG IMO. He had one hot stretch in which he was a turnover machine. Aside from that he was just a replacement level safety IMO. We played Wilson, Harris and Walker a fair amount. Harris played 60% of the defensive snaps while a Walker and Wilson played 3/4 of the time. Now if Walker is healthy perhaps a Harris’ number slides down to 50%. I’m still okay with that if it means adding one of the better safety prospects of recent time IMO. Sophomore Delpit was at least.

Delpit is also on another level as a prospect.

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This would be sweet. Otherwise I’d try to wrangel a 2021 first rounder out of a bad team. Roll with Stafford and whomever this year, then hope things fall our way (we’re due!) for Trevor Lawrence next year… forget about Jordan Love please. San Diego might have a good chance of being bad next year (but don’t listen to me, I predicted GB to go 4-12 in 2019).

If we ended day 1 with Okudah and Kinlaw I would be elated.

No QB for me in the top 3 rounds. We have too many other needs. That is why I like the trade down potential…we need more picks.