PFF Lions Bears week 11

Highest PFF-graded offensive players

Monty – 89.5
Sun God – 81.5
Raggs – 77.3
Sewell – 77.1
Glass Cow – 72.3

Lowest PFF-graded offensive players

J Reynolds – 56.5
Wright – 53.7
Raymond – 52.4
Goffense – 47.6
Sorsdal – 45.4

Highest PFF-graded defensive players

Thunder God – 90.3
Hutch – 76.9
Julian Okwara – 76.5
Romeo Okwara – 73.9
I’m lean McNeill – 71.3

Lowest PFF-graded defensive players

Paschal – 55.6
J Jacobs – 52.0
Charles Harris – 45.4
Jack Campbell – 44.0
Will Harris – 41.5


this passes the eye test for me.

I’m getting very tired of crow for dinner. It does not taste good.


Good name for him. Reminds me of this joke

What do you call a lady with 1 leg?



I think we need to bench anyone with the last name Harris


My boy Will Harris… did he even play yesterday??

Looked it up. 1 snap. Lol

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I know he had a pass interference called against him in the endzone and shook his head at the camera


Right that ball wasn’t even close to catchable.

Justice for Will Harris. :joy:


Everyone keep Cap out of this thread.


@Cap, we’re not here. If you need us we will be at the Taco Bell downtown. Meet us there

bro had one snap total and he gets that grade

im crying

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Upgraded from Dollar Store Thor to Thunder God. That’s something.


Sorsdal looked like he should be playing for the Panthers. Jared better be ready for that inside pressure more than he was against the Bears.


Where does she eat at?



Why did Sword-is-all get the start? I thought Ayahuasca was the primary back up

Sorsdal might sound like a medication, but it’s definitely not the cure for a leaky hole in your left side

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Sorsdal played well in at rg the other game, but i think for a developmental oline guy that played tackle in college… putting him on the left side was likely a step too far too fast in his development


You noticed that too huh…

NFL teams have off days, sleep walk through games sometimes, and a handful of times a year the shitty team wants it more.

We were that team for many of DC and companies first 29 games here. Guys like Levi, Benito, Rodrigo, Harris, Julian, Skipper,
Nelson, Netflix, AJ Parker, AO all put some okay stats, and took some sizable snap counts despite not really being NFL worthy players.

I get killed every time I mention Brads name in vain, but I think we are all seeing a pattern of this we don’t necessarily want to accept, at least some of us are…

Guys like Buggs and Benito seemed like great finds when comparing them to the corpse of a Brockers. Charles Harris looked explosive next to Trey Flowers, given Flowers never started another NFL game says something….

Many (including me) missed just how many plays Parker and AO botched out of excitement for the plays they did make.

  • we aren’t the gritty team trying to scratch out a pride win of desperation. We are expecting to win, so we have to stay up every week, and we get upset when we are losing, EVEN IF WE DONT ACTUALLY LOSE!!!

Trey Smith- that’s a late round stud
Daron Bland- stud
Amon Ra- Stud
Riq Woolen- Stud
Puka Nacua- stud
Isiah Pacheco- stud
Jaylen Warren- stud

Many more examples out there, but these guys are 70 plus rated guys with snaps and production right out the rookie gate-

I think Brad may have gotten some major credit for picks that got playing time early on for lack of better options due to our overall talent.

Outside of Amon Ra…. It may, if any of Brads picks after round 2 have held a season grade of 70.0 plus rating.

Any word on your interview?

James Houston last year had over 80. McNeil is high 80s this year. Technically Melifonwu is over 70 this year in limited snaps.

I don’t understand why you are so constantly negative just because they didn’t do what you thought they should have. It was that way after the draft and the trade deadline because they didn’t do what you wanted.

They are 8-2 and are viewed as a top 5 team by almost everyone in year 3 of a total rebuild.

Most of us have never seen this type of regular season success in our entire lives. Yet every week you have a list of reasons why Holmes is not that good a GM.

His draft success rate over the last three years compared to his peers is looking to be top notch. The only class we can truly evaluate is Sewell’s.

We got a future HOF tackle, an emerging elite 3 tech, a top 10 WR, and a capable starter at LBer. Levi is likely a lost cause. Melifonwu has turned into a very reliable depth piece. We also got our current starting CB out of UDFA and a solid backup TE in Wright.

That was a home run.