PFF Lions D-Line Ranking

On paper. Gotta translate that to games. :sunglasses:


It’s definitely improved but there’s a lot of health questions with Reader and Davenport imo. But man if those guys stay relatively healthy this season it’s gonna be scary.

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We’re counting on Reeder and Davenport, too much.
We need Paschal, Houston, Commish, and BroMart to show out. Time to put up or stop pretending.

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This is like reading an article that says “Lions D line thrived in breaking up passes”. It’s like the twilight zone with fans, media, and especially here when it comes to this Dline Does anyone watch the games? No one can be truthful about the the line .

Our Dline is good. it it’s not the line fans/media pretend it is. It’s like saying Reggie White had a nine foot arms, Hercules strength and runs a 4.3. He’s the GOAT but he isn’t any of those things.

I’ve never seen position group look better with twisted stats than our Dline. There is nothing quick about them, or this defense. In fact, Hutch just spins like a futile dreidel while everyone else stands around. It’s like sure, there are some designed pressure blitzes or stunts, but one sack doesn’t mean this Dline is expert

They all get held on their blocks too long, and their swim moves are the weakest I’ve ever seen. To be fair, like I said, most pressures take a while to develop, and everyone on the Dline is always all about that first move

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Reggie once wrestled a polar bear on vacation. After defeating the polar bear in just under 7 seconds… Reggie adopted the Bear and rode it home. :joy:


All of this to miss the point of the entire article, lol. It’s about projecting.

Hutch is elite with room to grow. McNeil is very good, with room to grow. Reader is very good, period.

Then we have a lot of pretty good, not great dudes who are still young and they’re projecting them to get better. Paschal, Houston, BroMart, Levi, and even Wingo if you’re buying the hype, all of them have room to ascend and become significant contributors. You’re not taking into account how insanely young the depth pieces of our DL are.

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I just watched two years of tape on McNeil and I’m currently watching tape on Reader to see how he will impact us.

I always knew Reader was a beast but man is he a handful. We do not have anyone on the interior of our DL as disruptive as he is. The way he collapses pockets and stands centers up while driving them backwards is beautiful. But its the injuries when it comes to him.

Our DL does have the potential to be nasty and disruptive. We very well could be dominant upfront. Throw in an above average LBer corp, and an above average DB group and this defense has the talent to be top 10.


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