PFF Lions top 3 on O & D with overall rankings

For what it’s worth:


G Graham Glasgow- 82.6 OVR, #3 G
WR Kenny Golladay- 78.2 OVR, #17 WR
WR Marvin Jones Jr.- 77.6 OVR, #18 WR


CB Justin Coleman- 81.9 OVR, T-#3 CB
EDGE Trey Flowers- 76.6 OVR, #22 EDGE
EDGE Romeo Okwara- 73.3 OVR, #33 EDGE

Stafford has played tremendous football… I have to believe he should be graded higher than whatever he is graded. Also think Kennard has done a nice job.

Marvin Jones has been crapped on by Lions fans and continues to play very well.


How Marv flies under the radar is beyond me.

WOW , that’s the nicest thing I have EVER seen you say about Stafford ….are you feeling alright Iggy !? :astonished:


Yeah PFF is a throwing shit against the wall service. While MJJ and KG have done their jobs well, a few of those throws were absolute perfection, so it’s hard to not put Stafford up there. Plus, all this Glasgow love lately might be warranted, but I have trouble grading guards highly when the run game sucks. I don’t think their criteria puts actually “moving dudes” into their formula. Is he fundamentally in the right spots? Probably. But is he a road grader? Not that I have seen.

Defensively, I would put Flowers in the bottom 3 of the defense. No way in hell Kennard isn’t WAY above him and Okwara. Coleman has been VERY good though. That one they got right.