PFF Post-Combine Mock Draft Candy

The PFF Stock Exchange figured out a post-Combine mock with the Lions getting Will Anderson, Brian Branch, Jack Campbell and Mazi Smith thru the 2nd round. Yes, sir, gimme gimme.


I would love to have Will Anderson. But, but at the expense of a either getting DW or CG? Not sure how I feel about that. I know our more pressing need would be CB. It will ALL depend on what they do in FA before the draft. If they get a Dean or Ramsey, then all in on Will Anderson. I am so excited to see how this plays out.

There is not many blue chip prospects at the top of the draft. On defense it is Carter and Anderson and on offense it is Bryce Young, Peter Skoronski (at guard), and Bijan Robinson. You may be able to argue for a couple other QB’s, but thats debateable for sure.

You can knock Robinson down a peg for positional value and I’m not loving the idea of adding even more resources to our OLine. To me, if Anderson is there you have to take him unless there are any major underlying character or work ethic concerns.

I saw the comp to Khalil Mack a little while ago and I think that was a pretty good comp.


I can definitely get behind that draft.

Would rather grab an outside CB than Mazzi but I’m okay with it. Anderson isn’t sliding to 6 though.

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I wouldn’t think so either, but hey it’s fun to dream. Plus it’s different when it’s coming from national guys and not our mock draft simulator post.


I kinda like it. Not sure they would go with four defensive players though. Plus, 7 or 8 should be trading up with us, esp. with Levis and Anderson on the board.

I could live with that draft.

I could live with it but would preffer Benton over Smith.

Get a guard in the 3rd and we covered some needs. Trade Okwara for a 2024 pick.


With AR in legitimate top 5 conversations and Tyree getting more love than I can fathom, that can only enhance our position at #6. We’ll see.

If Will Anderson slips to six then Brad Holmes is the luckiest general of all time - would be some run to have the first round break his way three years running


Yeah I’m starting to hope Tyree really blows it out at his testing. I don’t think he’ll run great but he should be very good at everything else (and as long as his 1st 10 is good that’s all anyone will care about anyway).

No doubt, if Anderson falls to 6, Holmes needs to buy a mega millions tickets. Three years in a row with the best player falling to you.

All for those four. Translates to a far stronger defense. But agree with many, Anderson ain’t gonna be there.

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No Chance Will Anderson is there

We thought there was no chance the Jags were passing on Hutch as well.


Yeah but Hutch went #2 not #6

If Will Anderson isn’t the #1 pick he’s gotta be #2 or worst case #3 overall

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Wasn’t this the same thought with Sewell? All thought no way was he going to fall to us. So, it has happened.

This would be one of my favorite Lions’ drafts ever if this happened. My god, Anderson, Branch, Campbell and Smith?


This is my favorite Lions mock yet this offseason.

This is how it shook out for anyone wondering:


Bijan in the second…no way

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