PFF recap Rams Lions

Goff excels under pressure. Reynolds getting yards after contact. Harris and JRM solid

Sewell had an off game and Barnes almost missed as many tackles as he made


No dropped passes.


Justin Rogers


Lions PFF grades (min 10 snaps)

Top offense: C. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, St. Brown
Bottom offense: Igwebuike, Wright, Kraemer

Top defense: C. Harris, Penisini, W. Harris
Bottom defense: Bryant, Barnes, C.J. Moore


Top Defense - Will freaking Harris! Unreal. He was playing nickel most of the game instead of safety.

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Grooming him for nickel so that they can try to slot SLOkudah at Safety next season?

I think we need to accept that Barnes kinda sucks at this point. Clearly the book isn’t written but home boy has got to put in some work in the offseason.

RB Reynolds looked - and I’m not exaggerating - better than any RB I’ve seen on the Lions roster this year. At least in terms of running the ball.


I really want us to draft one if not two safeties this year. Either the kid from ND if we win another game or two or the kid from UofM if he drops to the second

The kid from MSU is solid as well. (for some reason names are escaping me this morning. It’s pre-coffee here)

I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s that he’s raw as rain in the off the ball setting.

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The light could go on for Barnes. I think it took Levy until year three before he was an upper tier LB. Before that he would get lost a lot

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What’s not the case? Are you saying he’s been solid then? He’s consistently one of the lowest grades players on the roster on a weekly basis. The coaches won’t even lie about not wanting to use him in coverage.

Again hopefully he gets better. We’re all rooting for him. But it’s clear why he doesn’t see the field as much as you’d like despite there being a ton of opportunity

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No. I just don’t think he “sucks”. He’s a rookie who is essentially a tooled up LB prospect with little college experience doing what he’s now being asked to do. I believe that he struggles with knowing his assignment and the discipline to carry out those assignments. I am hopeful those issues erode with more experience.


He was a 4th round pick…It’s not like he was a top 5 pick or something sheesh!!
He has made mistakes but he has also flashed. I think he is going to be a very good player. He was raw coming out. As long as he continues to learn and improve he will be just fine.


No Hockenson and no depth, they signed Zylstra off the PS and neither he or Wright belongs on an NFL roster. One of the things that really bothers me about this is that our HC is a former TE, and yet here we are. Wright was one of the worst grades from last week, he earned it.

I agree with that article. Middling PFF grades considering how well the team played. It’s kind of odd.

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I mentioned that before on here and think it may be his best chance at salvaging his career.

It’s trash but it fills a need that we all have, to be able to quantify how good a player is among his peers.
But, like any other database… garbage in, garbage out.

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Top five bottom five:

Top 5 Defense
C Harris 76.8
J Penisini 72.4
W Harris 71.7
Reeves Mavin 67.5
N Williams 66.2

Bottom 5 Defense
A Bryant 41.7
D Barnes 42.2
CJ Moore 45.0 (75 snaps)
A Pittman 45.2
M Brockers 53.7

Top 5 Offense
C Reynolds 81.1
J Reynolds 80.4
St Brown 78.8
T Decker 64.0
J Cabinda 62.5

Bottom 5 Offense
Godwin I 40.6
B Wright 40.9
T Kramer 45.8 (L Guard)
E Brown 47.0
T Kennedy 47.1

Whoever would have guessed that 2 of the top 3 graded players on offense would be from the WR room? Given this depth chart to start the year.

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Odd that Kramer was graded so low, when it looked like we ran all day behind him. Maybe run blocking grade was good, pass blocking was bad? We’ve got so much invested in the right side, with our stronger run blockers there, but for some reason, maybe my eyes are lyin, it seems like we run behind Decker/Jackson a ton.

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