PFF Sam is Serious: Trade Down with Titans to #11

PFF pieced this together from a longer PFF mock video earlier today to focus on the Lions. I don’t agree with taking 2 CBs, I love the trade with Titans. No return was proposed, though that could easily be hashed out once the draft falls AR, Young, Levis/Colts, Anderson/Cards, Carter–leaving Stroud dangling. The discussion is serious, IMO, whether you agree or not.


Pretty sure many of us would be on board with a trade down, especially if Carter is off the board.

I’m a fan of getting multiple CBs in this draft.

Using both picks on the positions seems a bit overkill, but I like the reasoning. However we have Sutton still…and he wasn’t that great in the slot so I’d try to fill that inside NB role and keep him outside…

I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely that Stroud falls to us. If he does I expect a kings ransom in trade.


I do think the other 3 going in front of Stroud is possible because of AR’s ceiling and the Colts ostensible interest in Levis. But I also think Seattle at #5 is where the trade would happen. Leaving us with the Carter conundrum. We’ll see soon.


I would be devastated by this choice…

Trade down??? Hell yes…. Trade down for 2 CBs? Please no!!!

Okudah has more talent than many in this CB class…. Moseley is a proven commodity. Sutton is surely being paid to start….

We are not paying Walker nor CGJ to sit on the bench, and we damn sure are starting Joseph and Sutton…. 3 of those 4 are on 2-3 year deals btw…. So I’ve got 1 starting spot left and Moseley and Okudah making a combined 16MM ans Jacobs is solid depth, plus Will Harris.


There are too many hypotheticals to justify their two first round CB picks. He also forgot Sutton’s name. But I do like what they said about one year guys. Which is what i tried to explain.

Stroud is not going to be there. He’s going 1 or 2. And if he is, the Lions should take him. I also see no possible way there are trade offers to the Lion’s for a QB. Other teams will trade with Arizona, and Seattle. Unless maybe Levis is there.

Okudah was great in the first half. Him getting hurt, and gassed out down the stretch is understandable. He just had a major injury. Jacobs was very solid, and made a difference. He could be better. Sutton has 3 years. i’m not a fan of signing 1-starters then them bouncing.

“What ifs” IMO is not a good mentality. See what you have first before going all in using two first round picks. That’s way overkill. But they’re not wrong wither. Because they could end up with Sutton, and that’s it.

18th maybe, but I’m down with later. Like 2nd, and on.

Okudah kind of reminds me of Witherspoon. Grabby and physical, not as fast.

Gonzalez has the physical ability to be better than any of them when you combine his height, length and speed. He played WR in high school and it shows as a DB. You speed to cover speed and we totally lack in on this defense.


Most of our secondary is on 1 year deals. This makes absolute sense. I would hate the trade if carter was available


DEs also. Okwara x 2, Harris, Houston all FA after this season.


I believe James Houston will be an ERFA and thus we can offer him a small deal and he has to take it.


You are correct, salary at present for a player with 2 years experience is $940,000. Thank you for clarifying, thought after being placed on the practice squad they became unrestricted FAs.

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People also look at CB for 2024 and fail to realize Jacobs is ERFA as well.

When you start taking a hard look at the quality of this roster, and consider we will be adding up to eight shiny new faces to this group…it starts to sink in that roster cuts could get really ugly this year…

Packers will be rummaging through our trash bins looking for returnables.

Hell, I may even give them the change in my center console…

randy marsh stealing GIF by South Park


I might have to reconsider 2 CBs in the first round…bye, JO.

So the perfect scenario is the DB’s on “one year prove its” outplay their deals which means Lions were successful on the field, the drafted/rookie DB’s play well enough to slot them in the rotation for '24 and if needed add another DB on a one year prove it.

We can hope.