PFF top 5 bottom 5 in Chicago

Top PFF-graded offensive players

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown – 88.8
  • Jonah Jackson – 88.5
  • Frank Ragnow – 76.7
  • Taylor Decker – 75.9
  • Jamaal Williams – 73.4

Worst PFF-graded offensive players

  • Brock Wright – 52.9
  • Jared Goff – 52.5
  • James Mitchell – 51.8
  • Jason Cabinda – 50.6
  • Shane Zylstra – 36.5

Top PFF-graded defensive players

  • Jarrad Davis – 82.2
  • Chris Board – 68.4
  • Alim McNeill – 64.4
  • Aidan Hutchinson – 62.7
  • CB Mike Hughes – 60.7

Worst PFF-graded defensive players

  • Julian Okwara – 48.2
  • Will Harris – 47.9
  • Benito Jones – 47.3
  • C.J. Moore – 30.0
  • Kerby Joseph – 28.0

These are always interesting, wish it came with some commentary to justify the grading.
Thanks for sharing.


Did Kerby start reading his press clippings?

I really root for Will Harris, he’s done everything they’ve asked of him switching positions and being a team guy, but I like him much better as a depth guy.

And I certainly did have Davis as the top rated player this week. Good for him man.


He wasn’t able to practice much last week. So it probably has more to do with being a rookie who wasn’t able to practice much leading up to the game.


No, he’s a rookie who is being thrown in a trial by fire so there will be lots of ups and downs particularly because he’s a gambler by nature as are lots of playmaking safeties so that will lead to big plays for both teams. Just have to hope he reigns it in a bit as he gains experience.


I think Kirby had a “MA” missed assignment on the wide-open Cole Kmet touchdown.

It was a rookie…being a rookie.

Jerry Jacobs looks like he “handed off” or passed his man (Kmet) to Kirby in coverage. Kirby did not get the message or there was a major miscommunication.

This was supposed to be Aubrey’s fault…right? All of the missed assignments?

Maybe it was Jacobs fault? I don’t know the details of the play, but someone messed up and left Kmet open for a TD.

(can someone find a video that shows the coverage on this TD play?)


These PFF grades get more confusing with every posting. It rarely makes sense.


Jarrad Davis broke the curve for everyone on defense, huh? It would be remarkable if he comes back and balls out this year. Even becoming a steady but unspectacular contributor after going from projected heart of the defense to preseason cut would be quite a feat.


I wonder how many times Hutchinson got dinged for not winning a pass rush? Did the guy grading understand what a soft contain rush looks like and that it was designed that way? I’m betting he didn’t.


The way the linebacking unit as a whole has come on the past couple weeks i think it may be time to give shep his props.

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Today is a day where the PFF grades don’t pass the eyeball test at all. Goff played nowhere near that poorly. He had guys in his face constantly.


I agree, especially on defense, it’s really hard to understand what they’re seeing. (Maybe somebody here who’s smarter than me can help?) Because it sure looked to me like Hutchinson and Okwara were among the biggest reasons we stole that game. And Hutch especially looked to be making an impact on most snaps, even when he didn’t get home.

Maybe it’s just a philosophical difference? Like, the PFF guys value defenses that do certain things, but our scheme is designed to emphasize other things? I dunno but it’s weird to keep seeing PFF grades that don’t seem to reflect what we see on the field.


I agree. Goff had a 118 QB rating and yet PFF has him at 52.


As well as game planning around him. I’m guessing you’re correct.

I love Aubrey, but we haven’t lost since he left…sooo…

Exactly → Hutch was our best defensive player by a nice margin, yesterday.


^^^^ This link shows the Kirby play @nextgenstats. You can clearly see that 31 blew this coverage for a TD.


I have never put much stock in what they say.


that was so cool


I think Kerby had a rough game. He’s a playmaker but he’s not really a guy who has perfected the position. So he’s going to have up weeks and down weeks. We need him to continue making plays while becoming less of a liability.

I thought Goff was ok. He had that bad pick that was wiped out by the penalty and I thought his protection was really good, so we’re definitely seeing different things. 52 seems low.

Jarrad Davis seems high. I guess I wasn’t focused on him but I noticed a lot more good plays from Hutch than Jarrad Davis.

It’s interesting for sure.


Pff must have turned on the lions game right when Goff threw that interception that called back.

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It’s the 6th year jump. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: Plus that was the perfect opponent for Jarrad’s game.

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