PFF Top five bottom five against the Seahawks

Haji and Pennys grades for this past Sunday

Top 5 offense
Hock 90.6
J Reynolds 84.8
Goff 74.6
Rags 69.8
C Reynolds 69.2

Bottom 5 offense
Skipper 31.1
Wright 47.6
Nelson 49.5
K Raymond 51.2
J Williams 55.0 (pass blocking 17.0, pass catching 27.4)

Top 5 defense
Malcom 83.8
C Harris 72.3
Elliot 69.8
Alim 66.7
Kirby 66.5
(Hutch 66.3)

Bottom 5 defense
J Okwara 27.0
Buggs 32.6
Amani O 33.0
Anzalone 38.9
Benito 41.7

Hock getting a 90 means his blocking must have been good that game aswell, cause only his recieving would not bring him up there as a TE


I’m going to take back all the shitty things I’ve said about Hock after Sunday. Hopefully he can keep it up.


While his recieving game can be inconsistent, his blocking is important

If its actually getting better, thats huge for this offense


Buggs and Benito are bad guys. Like, shouldn’t be on an NFL roster bad. People on here were screaming all off-season that the Lions needed to add another DT. With Buggs, Brockers and Benito all likely gone after the season - the DT position is likely going to have to be completely remade from almost scratch. Especially if Levi is essentially semi-retired


On the positive at least Hock is finally stepping up. And Ragnow seems to be getting healthier and his play is improving with it. I bet the bye week really helps. A healthy Ragnow and a healthy Jonah after the bye would be a nice boost to an already solid offense.

On the negative, Julian Okwara feels like a bust. I’ve just personally never seen anything that says otherwise. Maybe he’s really solid in practice, but you have to think when Cominsky and Romeo come back that Julian will be inactive


I think Buggs is ok but Benito and Brockers have been terrible. Buggs is a #3/4 DT. Not a starter. Benito is a practice squad type and Brockers is done.


Completely agree. We have 1 NFL caliber DT and that’s Alim. And he’s about league average and could really lose about 30 pounds.

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Kind of surprised to see Charles Harris grade out that well. .


Surprised anyone on Defense had a decent grade, we gave up 48 and they didn’t punt. The good people in India might be licking toads while grading.


Hock had the key block on J-Will’s 50 yard TD run.


Same feeling here.

I know some spots on defense take time to get consistent, but you have to flash occasionally to show you can actually do it at the NFL level.

Haven’t seen jack-squat yet. He’s just taking up a roster spot at this point.


He had a 67 off grade as a rush LB last year and had 5 sacks in a 31% snap share…. Harris had 7.5 sacks in 76% snaps.

At 239 pounds they have put him on the DL this year? Stand him back up and let him rush strongside.


One great game, does not 10M plus earn.

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