PFF young defenders. Malcom on top

Rodriguez - 73.4

Okudah - 63.1

Hutchinson - 56.3

Oruwariye - 53.4

Barnes - 29.3

McNeill - 57.7


What did Board grade out at, granted not as young as these guys but he was flashing

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Barnes in his usual territory of “I didn’t know the numbers went so low.” I know others will be more patient with him but he’s really more of a special teams guy who can flash as occasional depth. If this team get become a contender it’s not going to be with him getting regular base defense snaps.

PS - thanks to the OP for sharing


Friggin’ Barnes.

Spielman should have trusted his instincts last year when he said he didn’t like ANY of the LB’s they were reviewing.


On the other side of the coin - Okudah looked like the best corner on the field yesterday for the Lions. The fact that he made it back for week 1 is impressive - the fact that he’s already a legit starting NFL corner immediately is a great sign. Props Jeff


3 weeks ago, 1/4 of the board had written Okuda off.


Seemed like more.

But, hey, we’re Lions fans. We can’t have nice things.

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I think a lot of people were just hopefully he can get back and contribute this year. And given that injury, that’s also reasonable. If he can be a solid starter this year that’s a huge step. Developing more than that? Who the heck knows lol. But I’m happy that he’s at least a starter right now. That injury is/was a massive wild card with him


Not a defender but apparently Logan Stenberg got a 0.0 in pass blocking.

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No shit. I didn’t expect that.

The offensive line as a whole didn’t grade out well. They’ve got to step it up next week. The scary thing is Swift was THAT good without the OL dominating.


I saw that too, but I get the feeling it was incomplete. Maybe not though.

Additionally, Buggs graded at 65.5 and Board was around that too, IIRC.

Wasn’t Penei around 77 or so? He graded the best and Ragnow not so much. Might have been better to have Brown in there yesterday.

The o-line was opening up some real nice holes in the run game, pass blocking was an issue. Stenberg is a one trick pony. He sure can run block though. Stenberg allowed more sacks in 1 start than Big V did all last season.


It looked like Goff was under pressure with every throw. I wish Dan would have adjusted and dialed up some screens. God knows Swift and Hock can’t block

Goff didn’t heat up until the Eagles had a big lead and started playing softer defense.

This Oline was supposed to be top three in the league but with Vaitai out and Rags hurting it might be a rough go for Goff

Also trying to keep in mind that the Eagles DL might be too five all said and done


You would really think play action would be much more effective with how well we were running the ball. Good call on screens, not a single screen to Swift, they did run a nice screen to Hock that he got a first down on.


Maybe bring him in as a TE on running plays.


Or get in shotgun and run a bubble screen to Burleson. I mean Amon Ra

If you can’t parlay play action into a passing game then throw it to Swift in space and give Goff a little room to see the field. If you’re in play action and a defender is still in your grill the second you turn around you can’t go through reads or get your feet set


I really thought the offensive play calling yesterday showed it’s youth. Plenty to build on, but definitely showed itself a little green in week 1