Philly Tanking to Get #6 Didn't Matter at all

We likely would have picked Sewell at #6 in any case, so cool.

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I was surprised they traded with the cowboys and took Smith, I thought Smith would drop more…

I think he’ll be good but, did Philly really get that great value and was it worth a trade up?

If he’s good I guess it doesn’t matter. But interesting trade within their division

They did get that additional 1st for dropping back to 12 before the move back up to 10.

Being at 6 did seem to help them.

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True, for them it worked. For us, it made no difference.

yeah… I would have been perfectly happy to have been #6… then end up with with #10 or #12 and a 2022 1st round pick. I like Sewell a lot… but still could have had a blue chip talent and an extra 1st rounder next year.

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It might have made Washington a viable trade down option.

But for Todd Gurley, the Lions would’ve been picking No. 3 overall:

Wonder if they would’ve traded down for a bevy of picks or taken a player there.

It seems pretty clear that Howie Roseman is a very trade happy guy. I think it was worth the trade up for Howie simply because he gets the satisfaction of making a move.

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yeah they did get three players though.

My guess is we’d be excited about Ja’Marr Chase. Reading between the lines of statements by the coaching staff/front office, he seemed like their #1 guy.

At No. 7, I think Slater and Surtain were the other two guys in the mix.

Right–I was saying if they were at #3.

But would we have traded with SF? we may have taken sewell at 3. (and had to pay him more, lol)