PI reversals and 'mantras'

You’re all aware of the new rule that allows one to challenge whther PI occurred or not. And how the pre-season was a “test-drive” for this new rule. The test-drive revealed that its going to be very very hard to get a PI reversal…The standards are very high for the PI to be called “Clear and obvious”, or “blatant”, or “egregious”, whatever. So the “Mantra” has become “Don’t waste your time on a PI challenge.”… We’ve now seen it twice where a Lions receiver was interfered with, but apparently the ‘mantra’ was in effect, so we didn’t challenge.

“Mantras” can be bad things. You never know what might be clear and obvious to New York. Or even if some make-ups for prior calls – levelling the playing field, etc. may be in effect.

I think in both cases, Patricia should have challenged to no PI call. Especially last night. What do you think, is this mantra Patrica has a good one, that should always be in effect??


While I would have liked to have seen a challenge there, I can’t hate on Patricia for not doing it. The new PI review has been an absolute joke. Its not that “the standards are high,” its that the officials in charge of the replay clearly hate the new rule and will not give you a reversal out of sheer spite that the new rule even exists.

There are plenty of examples to go around, but here’s just one of them. They called offensive pass interference on TY Hilton on this play. The Colts challenged, and the PI was UPHELD.


We would have needed that timeout if the ref’s wouldn’t have gifted them a first down to kill the clock. We still have 1:45 left and they would have had to make the field goal. One less time out could have been crucial.

Fuck I remember that now. This makes me even more pissed. First, that the Packers are one of the only teams to actually benefit from the new rule. And second, that it wasn’t even a challenge from the Packers. The damn league reviewed it on their own and decided what to do…it was a bad call…and it had nothing to do with the result of the play.

Yeah, the fix is in. The league is making a concerted effort to make the Packers relevant this year. I guess we should have known something was up when they got the coveted Thursday Night season opening game instead of the Super Bowl champs.

They will never, NEVER reverse a call unless it looks exactly like the Saints/Rams play. As the rule is written by Goodell. Fuck the NFL!

So far, I’m hearing that the mantra is a good one. A little surprised. Like most things, this will evolve over time. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

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The league wants a 15-1 or 14-2 Rodgers led Packer team vs a similar record Brady led Patriot team in the Super Bowl. Simple as that.

Holy fuck! Upheld???

The league has been going downhill, ever since Goodell came in, for sure. Never was a fan.